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Posted 1/19/10 , edited 1/20/10
*sigh* now that your here lets have a little chat... don't you love numbers? you know what my favorite number is? 153! Why am I telling you this you ask? It's because if you are the 153rd person to post on THIS forum topic then you win!! (isn't 153 a NICE BIG number? ^-^) OH! and you cant double post!!!! (which means post right after you posted!) MODs are welcome to post too! OH! and before I forget the prize is a piccy drawn by me! xD huh? You don't want a picture drawn by me? It can be of any character!! (I'm an anime artist so anime characters only plzz!) well have fun and don't kill yourself!

p.s. I will upload a picture later so you can see if you want the prize or not ^^;

I'll start it!!

one O_O
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