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Posted 1/20/10 , edited 1/21/10
well it's beeen awhile since I came to this site so lock it if it's a dupe!

so I made this thread for people to show off their gamercards( just for show) and talk about hard trophies or achievements

so here's mine



for the PS3 one I used and for the 360 I used there's plenty more than these two.

platinum are so rewarding, the hardest on to get and my recent one was God of War just because I had such a hard time beating the challenge of the gods.

both the the Infamous and Assassin's Creed II took awhile because ot the rockhound trophy(Infamous) and that trophy in Assassin's Creed II where you have to find all 100 feathers. both of these trophies should've atleast been silver
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Posted 1/21/10 , edited 1/21/10
Miz24 (360)
Miz24 (PSN)

Need friendly left 4 dead 2 players and MW2(PS3) players.
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