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Posted 1/21/10 , edited 1/21/10
We will tell you what ur color is...All ya need to do is answer these questions...

1.) Your teacher or boss yells at you for something you didn’t do, and won’t hear your excuses. Do you:
a.Vow the downfall and suffering of this simpleton.
b.Protest the injustice of the situation to a higher authority.
c.Throw a raging tantrum, probably destroying something of value in the process.
d.Analyze the context of the situation until a suitable solution occurs to you.
e.Go camping.

2.)You take a date to an expensive dinner, but your date jabbers into the cell phone all night. Do you:
a.Vow the downfall and suffering of this simpleton.
b.Eat veggies until your stomach swells, and leave the technophile with the bill.
c.Trick your date into getting off the phone, then use your knowledge of cell phone towers to prevent further calls.
d.Spontaneously hook up with the host of the restaurant, and spare not another thought to the “date.”
e.Politely pay for everything and make the best of it for the sake of a peaceful evening.

3.)While hiking in the woods, your friend is trapped up a tree by an enormous bear. Do you:
a.Valiantly draw the bear’s attention to yourself so your friend can escape.
b.Quietly gather any nearby valuables before tiptoeing away.
c.Throw caution to the wind, roll up your sleeves and wrassle that bear till he whines for his mommy.
d.Break out your trail guide, check the index for the “bear” entry, flip to the “bear” section, read up on this particular species and its feeding habits, and concoct a plan to outwit the bear using your superior intellect.
e.Puff yourself up as huge as you can, unleash a primal roar from deep within your guts, and show that beast that you’re the bigger bear in this territory.

4.)You’re taking a final exam that you haven’t studied for. The paper of the top student in class is plainly visible. Do you:
a.Do what I always do: fill in the answers at random and hope for the best.
b.Take the short-cut to the top—copy down that sucker’s answers and cruise to an easy A.
c.Um, hello, I’m the top student in class, and of course I studied.
d.Do the right thing: Do the best I can with what I know, and tell that top student to cover up her answers so others don’t cheat, either.
e.Exam? What exam? I’m listening to the birds singing outside the window.

5.)You shipwreck on a uninhabited island with a dozen of your fellow passengers. Do you:
a.Feel right at home without all the trappings of modern civilization, and work to minimize your impact on the native ecosystem here in your new home.
b.Immediately establish a pecking order among the survivors, lest the infighting devolve into chaos.
c.Immediately establish a pecking order among the survivors, so that you can play them against one another and reap the benefits.
d.Go swimming, then eat all the remaining food, then go to sleep; these things always work themselves out.
e.Begin drawing mathematical diagrams in the sand, calculating the probability that you’ll be rescued before your resources run out.

6.)A real estate developer wants to demolish the local park to put up a strip mall. Do you:
a.Make sure the developer’s permits check out and all his taxes are paid.
b.Congratulate the developer on his forethought and celebrate the march of progress.
c.Put on facepaint, hide in the bushes till the bulldozers come, then defend Nature’s lands to the death.
d.Suggest to the developer that he could make even more money with a little deal on the side.
e.Smack the dude across the face on principle, just ‘cause he’s an uptight guy in a monkey suit.

7.)One night at the shipping docks of a port town, you find the keys to a locked storage container. Do you:
a.Open the container with great curiosity, hoping to learn the secrets of this mysterious cache.
b.Open the container on a whim, hoping to find some guy’s stash of illegal fireworks to shoot off.
c.Fill the container with soil and turn it into a rustic planter for fast-growing fungi.
d.Return the missing keys to the lost and found and alert the local constabulary.
e.Change the locks on my new storage container.

8.)You are raising your firstborn son. Do you:
a.Let the kid raise himself—a couple of hard knocks are good for character.
b.Send him off to the most prestigious military academy in the country, to learn the discipline needed to become a productive member of society.
c.Home-school him, giving him access to all the multimedia educational resources available.
d.Train your tiny-brained minion well, so when the time is right, he’ll be ready to rule the empire at your side.
e.Grab the spouse and get to work on making the next kid.

9.)You’re an eyewitness to arson at the university library. Do you:
a.Blackmail the arsonist, then turn him in anyway to get in good with the campus police.
b.Check to be sure the campus gardens aren’t in jeopardy, then empty my backpack of math textbooks onto the pyre.
c.Chase down the suspect while dialing the authorities.
d.Enter the burning building to save as much of the classics collection as I possibly can.
e.Make sure to hide the accelerants before anyone catches me.

10.)A reality show wants to fund the building of your dream house. Do you:
a.Provide the engineering blueprints for the hovering mastermind’s tower you’ve worked on for so long.
b.Honor your community by offering to help the show build an orphanage instead.
c.Build a mountaintop coliseum and rename yourself Warlord of the Arena.
d.Demand that your house be grown organically from the native plants of your neighborhood.
e.Create a subterranean stronghold from which to build your power base, then confiscate all the footage of its construction.

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