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Posted 1/21/10 , edited 1/27/10
So about Episode 3...aside from MALARIA BEING AN ILLNESS THAT CAN BE CURED OVERNIGHT. What are your thoughts about it?

EP3 chart is always relevant.

Just to summarize so far...

Cute Japanese and european teenage girls wearing Wehrmacht uniforms exploring a Japanese music school in a Spanish town full of French people and who accept yen as currency while not being able to read kanjis at the same time in Switzerland's French side and celebrating Spanish traditions mixed with Chinese New Years legends; while being haunted by ghosts of Japanese schoolgirls who studied music during a war in a past-future post-apocalyptic world; shootingSouth African owls with German rifles, that try to keep them away from schoolgirl ghosts, piloting multi legged, talking, demon slaying, cloakable, AMAZING GRACE SINGING, 200mm coil gun/railgun firing "son of the god of fire" supertank from the future aka Tank-kun.
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Posted 2/15/10 , edited 2/16/10
You missed the most important part:

It wasn't some mysterious no-name anime malady,
it was a real, named illness, and not a rare one for the region, based on Yumina's
knowledge of it .

It is also a Tropical/sub-Tropical disease, so add the fact that the Spanish-inspired town
with a French name full of folks who use the Yen as currency is now within
the Earth's Sub-Tropical Zone so that the mosquitoes that carry malaria
can live there.

Can you say Global Warming?
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