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mon colle knight
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22 / M / Music House
Posted 1/21/10 , edited 1/21/10
Rules: (Please Follow or we'll skip your request)
-Request only one at a time.
-Please wait patiently, if we haven't done your request by the 5th day, you are allowed to repost.
-If we skip your request, you can repost.
-Please dont give us teeny tiny picture, because they are hard to make an avatar from.

Request Form
Text (Opt:Font, colour, size)
Crop (Yes: or No):
Size (Thin and tall, Short and wide):
Picture (Put in spoiler Please)

For Mods:

-Please do not skip any requests
-Put :excl:PENDING - [username] so that other mods will not do the same request as you
-Put :excl:DONE -[username] to show that you've finished the request
Any other variations that basically say the same are allowed.

monster maniac
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23 / M / kaykay
Posted 1/30/10 , edited 1/31/10
this is my form buddy!!

username: zudo_mon
my text : meitantei tsue(bold blue and big size) no one can escape from the truth (red and whatever type word)
crop : yes
size : thin and tall
extra : put a interesting attraction such as snowy, blink or whatever that suitable...
my pic :
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