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Posted 1/21/10 , edited 1/21/10
"Take care."

In his heart...
With an embrace that symbolises farewell,she slowly walks away.This is probably the last time I will ever get to see her.I turn around,looking her back fading as each second passes.I saw a silhouette of a family,it was a blissful looking family.Tears suddenly shrouded my eyes as the overwhelming regrets and nostalgia keep on stabbing my heart.I was still living in the past thinking she would be the same.But she has moved on.

"You too."

In her heart...
I'm so sorry.My fiance is waiting for me,I cannot be selfish and irresponsible now.To him,to my family,to the one inside me and ... to you. How I wish we can be together like before,I really wish.

In their hearts...
If time could be reverted,I will surely...

10 Years ago - She prayed for eternal.
Present - He realised that reality is never eternal.
10 Years ago/Present - They still love one another.

Felt like writing this bottled up feeling inside my heart after watching 5 Centimeter per Second...
Nevertheless...please tell me if you like/dislike this short spinoff and of course how you have felt when watching this epic sensation from Mr Makoto :D

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