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Posted 1/21/10 , edited 1/21/10
Your Journey Starts Here.

Simple Things To Know:
-The higher you go the harder it'll get.
-I will take away 1 mission that you have completed if you do something inappropriate.
-You can quit in the middle of a mission and continue it again at a later time.
-Your mission could last an hour long...maybe even a day for you to finish.
-In other words to the last one, I could keep on giving you stuff to do for you to complete the mission.
-Expect to do stupid things.
-When you complete a mission, I will reply to it saying, "Mission complete".
-It might take me awhile to confirm that you've completed a mission.
-Don't ask to do another mission if I have not confirmed that you completed your last one.
-Only 1 mission at a time.

Sign Up:
Why you want to be an Assassin:

Complete these many levels to upgrade:
Member: 5
Level 1: 9
Level 2: 13
Level 3: 16
Level 4: 20
Level 5: 24

The more people who join, the more I'll be adjusting the level up requirements. So if you join when there's quite a few people, you'll probably get lucky and only have to complete a couple of missions to get to the next level.
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