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Posted 1/21/10 , edited 1/22/10
Hey everyone, I was just on my xbox and browsing through zune videos and was thinking to myself," Man, I really want to watch some K-Dramas, and some Naruto Shippuden on my television through my Xbox 360." so I wanted to post this thread.
"Why start this thread?" You may be asking, well maybe those of us who have a XBOX 360 want to see all the kdramas they want, and then some..... So post your thoughts about this if you have an XBOX 360.

Xbox Live has ZUNE, Last FM, and NETFLIX, so we all know the 360 can support streaming video. I believe XBOX LIVE can bring in new anime members, or drama members, and would be a new source of revenue for the great people who run crunchyroll and the partners from Japan and Korea, who make all of the great shows we watch possible for us to love and view legally and easily without having to download risky video files that may lead to getting our computers infected by a malicious virus.

So if you like this idea, and have a XBOX 360, please comment and maybe we'll be heard by the higher ups at crunchyroll and our dreams might come true........thanks
Posted 1/21/10 , edited 1/22/10
And that's why we have this thread:
Besides, questions like these have already been asked before.
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