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Posted 1/21/10 , edited 1/22/10
1) Post a trivia question that have something to do with KHR.

2) The question must have some definite answer that people will know whether it is correct or not. (which means absurd or hypothetical question is not allowed. ex: "Who will become the 11th Vongola?")

3) The next poster who answer the question must quote the question.

4)The person will have to come out with the next question.

6). No spam allowed

7) The same question must not be repeated.

8.) When a question is left unanswered for 4 days from the post time, a new question can be posted.

This is just an example:

I ask:
Q: Who is Tsunayoshi Sawada's seiyuu?

Then the next person will quote the question^^ and answer the question

Q: Who is Tsunayoshi Sawada's Seiyuu?

The persons own answer:
A: Yukari Kokubun

Got it? Well.. let's begin then, I will start:

Q: Who were the original wielders of the Mare Rings?

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