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29 / Nagoya-shi, Aichi...
Posted 1/22/10 , edited 11/20/12
N00NI (PM) (Pick!s)
Status: Chat Operator (Dec 07-April 08), Retired (April 08)

pyroflite (account was nuked) (PM) (Pick!s)
Status: Chat Operator (Dec 07-June 08), Retired, (June 08)

Blazeh (PM) (Pick!s)
Status: Chat Operator (June 08 -Nov 08), Retired, (Nov 08)

redgarnettk (PM) (Pick!s)
Status: Media Moderator (Dec 06-July 07), Forum Moderator (July 07-Sept 07), Media Moderator (Sept 07-Oct 07), Retired (Oct 07), Forum Moderator (Dec 07-May 08), Media Moderator (May 08-Nov 08), Retired (Nov 08) Chat Moderator (Jan 09-Apr 09), Retired, (Apr 09)
Media Speciality: Music, Film, Drama, Member
Related Groups: Anti-Redgarnettk Club

houck (PM) (Pick!s)
Status: Media Moderator (Nov 07-April 08), Chat Operator (April 08-Mar 09), Retired, (Mar 09)
Media Specialty: Game
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Junglizm (PM) (Pick!s)
Status: Chat Operator (June 08-Jan 10), Retired, (Jan 10)

Crossy (PM) (Pick!s)
Status: Chat Operator (Dec 07-Jan 11), Retired (Jan 11)
Related Groups: I love Crossy, Crossy Rules All Dogs

Scripted (PM) (Pick!s)
Status: Chat Operator (June 08-Jan 11), Retired (Jan 11)

Chaebi69 (PM) (Pick!s)
Status: Chat Operator (Jan 10-Retired ?)
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