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Posted 3/14/10 , edited 3/14/10

Username : CuteShiwase

Nickname : Aya

Likes : Animals / PETA / Pixar Movies (UP) / Sanrio / Music / Ukulele / Guitar / Piano / My Family <33

Dislikes : Rap / R.M.B / Copycats / Cosplay / Horror / Snakes / Spiders / Ants / Some Bugs / Some Insects / KFC Chicken / Mcdonalds / Abusers

Posted 3/20/10 , edited 3/20/10
Hi!! Ya'll can call me vic or ruka-chan.
Im now 13 yrs.
N I m Chinese Christian.
i lvz talking with kind pplp(s).
N my hobbies r watching animes,reading mangas,playing violin and piano.

Posted 3/21/10 , edited 3/22/10
Hi, It's still me, I changed my account again and I apologize.

Omg! Here's to the coolest person you'll ever know xD:

Hi My Name Is .
Hi My Name Is
Hi My Name Is Slim Shady. Not! It's SamSam Pleased To Meet Your Acquaintance. And My Lord I Love Avatars Made By These People Right Chur. They Make The Best Da** Avi's I've Seen. Believe Me I've Seen Many. Lol.
I'm 17 years old going on 18 this July. I live in a small redneck town in Florida. Sometimes I think I'm the smartest one there but others I never know for sure, such as book smart: on certain subjects I'm a whizz and people gawk at me all the time. Kinda used to it actually. But Other times I'm as stupid as a board lol. If there's a subject I don't like, I'm gonna end up having a low grade in that class and that low grade is atleast a C lol. I rarely have anything lower then that.
I love photoshop but I don't have enough money to get one, one of these days I will because I'll be getting a job soon.
I have a boyfriend and in which I get overly jealous because people like to flirt especially when I'm right there. It ticks me off when girls do that. I mean come on. If you have a boyfriend how would you feel if a friend of yours is flirting with him? or if a girl is flirting with your boyfriend while you sit there and do nothing? But on the inside your simmering and ready to blow, and knock her ass onto the ground. Excuse my language please.
I tend to make new accounts here on Cr only because of people starting drama so if you see this autobiography up by someone else. it's probably me so please dont get angry.

Btw I get easily ticked off by certain things so please watch what you say to me. Thanks & have a wonderful day ;D

That's it on my end . ;DD lol
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24 / F / some where in wor...
Posted 3/25/10 , edited 3/25/10
I'm chiha..
15 years old..
my birth.. aug,13
I'm malaysian..
I like 2 surf internet, read the manga n watch anime.. also like Kpop 2..
my fav anime is yumeiro patissiere n shugo chara..
Let's enjoy this LIFE!!
Posted 3/25/10 , edited 3/25/10
Names Anna ;3 yoroshiku x3
Im a ghost from the past that used to walk among Cr then after some long time im back ^^ Guess i like all this social drama x'3
Hobbies : Draw , photoshop , tv , sleep , eat , play guitar
Likes: friends , edit pics , photography , piercings , tattos nd so on

love this group so ill be posting LOT here since gfx ish my thing ^,..~
Posted 3/26/10 , edited 3/26/10
hi hi... i'm ryki but just call me rai... =3....
i'm a painter in training... XD
loves to sketch
and play
and chat
and the best... sleeep... XD
i can be pervy if i want to... >/////<....
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22 / F / 牛の土地♥
Posted 3/30/10 , edited 3/30/10
"eh?!?i'm random-"
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Posted 3/30/10 , edited 3/30/10
N A P P I N G (:
*goes to take a nap*
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24 / F / 私の夢世界
Posted 3/31/10 , edited 3/31/10
Ellow People in the group~
I'm Lina, but please Call me Lii or Lii-chaan.... it's nice to meet you guys!
I am 15 years old and has been a member of CR since 2006.. ^^;
Actually I am just a normal fangirl who LOVE to fangirliing~~
I like to make graphic, read manga, watch anime, watch drama, Listen to music and taking up challenges!
I blog and have a website~ [website is DEATH.. too Lazy to update..]
Uhm... My totally addictions are Katekyo hitman reborn, Harvest moon, Pokemon, Digimon and Alice in Wonderland. but they usually change~ *KHR AND AIW WILL NEVER CHANGE 8D*

uhm,..... I am pretty open minded and don't mind new things[except food...] so I almost like everything..
THINGS I HATE HATE HATE: Spiders, Horror and Fakers.. ^^;;

but please ask if there is something you want to know~
Posted 4/1/10 , edited 4/2/10
my name is Machi but you can call me Strawberriez or Cookiez

im 18
i love to shoe shop
i love muzic
my fave muzic iz Tik Tok from Ke$ha
hmm...wat else.....
and i love to draw chibi characters
i wish i could upload them but i dont have a scanner.....
well i guess im done

see ya!
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23 / F / In my happy place
Posted 4/2/10 , edited 4/2/10
Hello peoples!
I'm Denise (Full Name: Denise Varias) but you can call me Ise-chan ^_^
I'm 15 (Going to be 16 this Nov. 22!) and I love anything to do with art <---I suppose that was obvious on my username
I'm a noob on photoshop since I only got it recently but I hope to become better especially seeing all the really great stuff here.
I get hooked on to things really easily and my faves currently are:
- Katekyo Hitman Reborn
- Fullmetal Alchemist
- D. Gray-man
- One Piece
- Death Note
Anyway I live in Osaka (but I'm Filipino) and I'm short T_T I love to eat sweets and fast food and I love to listen to music, especially on rainy days. I think I have a clashing personality since I sometimes dress and act like a guy and sometimes I'm more girly ^^
Somethings I dislike are:
- Washing dishes
- Arrogant and Ignorant people (and sexists)

Posted 4/3/10 , edited 4/3/10
it's mesho they call me Ga here
i m 14 l'll turn 15 tomorrow
so i m crazy on PHotoSHop but i still learning and i
like to drawing manga and animee
like anime and manga lot i have interest in kpop ..i love my laptop alot
i like sleeping my life it's sooooo boring
Posted 4/5/10 , edited 4/5/10
hey hey! i'm katelynn, but kat is fine too. um. . .i'm a pretty random person who loves awesomeness! so, if you're awesome, we'll get along great! xD hm. . .i'm a pretty easy gal to get along with so don't be afraid to talk to me! ♥
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24 / F
Posted 4/7/10 , edited 4/7/10
I'm Mika
16th y/o. . .
that's all ^^
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Posted 4/13/10 , edited 4/13/10

Name; Known as Mei
Hobbies; Drawing, reading Manga, watching Anime
Descrption; My Physical appearance is a secret! Although i can be shy at times. Once i get to know you i could open up a bit more. I like to find the fun in things even if its the most boring. I spend most of my time drawing in spare time. My family love me very much and i love them, if they're not so happy we'll support them and the same back at us. Unlike most families, mine can be the nicest but also the meanest if someone gets on our bad side. Anything more you'll need to ask personally~
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