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The Beach
Posted 1/23/10 , edited 1/24/10

The Beach
;; Story by Koko

I spent a lot of time in this Beach when my parents would rent the beach house here. I sit here and listen to the waves crashing along the shore.

Sometimes there are little children walking along the sand, stopping every so often to pick up a small rock-pebble-stick- anything they find interesting. I can see an elderly couple walking along the sand. The smell of salt consumes me as the water splashes along the sandy shores.

I feel the sand beneath my feet and the sudden knowing that anything was possible. I stare at the beautiful blue ocean and white capped waves, A breeze wafts across my cheek, and this is the only thing I’ve longed this Summer.

It’s an addiction here really, once you come; you never want to leave.

I close my eyes and let my ears see and hear, everything that the Beach offered. I could hear the water moving and receding, and the Seagulls squawking. And when I open my eyes again to see shimmering expanse of an endless timeless ocean.

It was my own kind of bliss that existed in my world, only in the Summer Time.

Chapter 1
My parents and I rent the best beach house in this secluded oceanfront called Mira. Our beach house is a 3-bedroom, 2-bath which offers simple design and comfortable living in an incomparable setting. They’re amenities I don’t have back at home.

Both by parents have an off and on relationship, one day they would say they love each other, the next they say they hate each other. Only one thing they have in common, is loving me. At some point, I thought it was because of this beach.

Where my parents first met. And where my Dad proposed to my Mother. This was another reason why we vacation here each Summer. I hope this beach can bring them together again, it’s the only thing I ask for.

Memories played across my mind when we arrived to Mira again this Summer, we were yet again in my favorite place in the whole world. The sun warmed my skin and I looked up at it, squinting my eyes and exhaling the scent of sea water and sand.

I stretch my arms and stretch my legs apart, letting the wind dance in my hair and embrace me.

“I’m back...” I whispered, and immediately never wanted to leave. The only memories of my last Summer was of this beach and my parents enjoying themselves walking the waterline. Relaxed, I would lay in the sand and thank God we were back.

This was my second heart.

Chapter 2
Today I explored the reefs, some children about the same age as I accompanied me after a while, they were also here on Vacation. They all smiled at me and told me we could be friends. I never made friends here before, so I was excited about playing with them while here.

We explored further and further, and found a spot with rocks as big as our small bodies. I sat on top one of them, overlooking the waves and those fishing boats beyond the horizon.

I sat up there for quite some time, until one of the children noticed me sitting alone and not at play with the other children. He didn’t stand out in the group, so I didn’t notice him up until now. Because I hadn’t yet heard his voice, or haven’t yet experienced his eyes meeting my way.

I liked the high view from the rock, that was all.

The boy’s voice was just like any boy’s voice, but his big ocean blue eyes struck me like a lighting bolt. I was shocked. Never had I seen such eyes I could see the Ocean in. They were a mixture of blue, and then he smiled at me, and reached his arm out to me, I stared at it for a moment, and took it. His touch was so warm.

As he helped me down from my rock, my bare feet met the ground, and I blushed when my head went up to meet the boy’s face so beautiful and happy. “You need to make the most of your time here! It’s really fun you know,” I already knew that much. But he seemed really nice, and his voice had a certain kindness that played like a beautiful flute.

I smiled big at him, and he closed his eyes. I was born a smiling person, I hated to be sad. So I smiled even though things might not be okay.

He closed his eyes. In happiness, but I wanted to see those eyes of his again. I decided to introduce myself. That way he will reply to me and that meant him opening his eyes, hopefully. “...I-I’m Ambu. What’s your name?”

I asked after a moment of complete spacing out as I only stared at him. None of the other children were there, one even bumped into me by accident. But I felt nothing but Ocean’s opening eyes and a smile bigger than even mine.

I didn’t think a boy could smile so wide at me and leave me so breathless; his big smile could make the world a better place.

“It’s Ocean! Nice to meet you Ambu, from this day on, we’ll play together every day!”

Chapter 3
Ocean’s smile and big eyes made way into a sweet spot in my memory, and made me smile myself whenever I thought of it. I practiced trying to smile bigger than him, but he always beat me at it. He found it a strange game of mine. I would think he had the perfect life, and his smile was the proof of it. In a way, I felt like I’ve known him my whole life.

I awoke in the room of our beach house, glowing and cheerful. I was always that way. Every morning when I would awake in my beach house.

I walked down stairs expecting my parents to be in the kitchen, my Father drinking coffee that my Mother would make for him, and reading a magazine about the beach here. Mother not speaking to him, and minding herself. But this morning I found them not there.

But instead I found them on the front porch, overlooking the beach. It was my third favorite spot. First, was relaxing and playing on the beach. Second, was the rocks beyond the reef where me and Ocean had the most fun exploring. We’ve find different shaped rocks, sea shells- those were his favorite to find. He’d been a collector of them.

He told me his second reason for coming here were because of the seashells. First was my very own first. I enjoyed listening to him talk about the seashells he had up in his room and his knowledge of them outstanded me.

We would race to see who would first make it to the beach first in the early morning, I left my parents and raced my short legs to the beach, but he would always beat me to it.

I liked to sometimes wear my school uniform on the beach, maybe I just wanted something that helped me remember back home and the school that I made so many friends in. But today, I wore simple shorts and a shirt.

My running became slower, and I walked slowly to Ocean, his back was to me. The sand was underneath my feet and between my toes; and he sat there, cross legged and humming to himself. His hands seemed to be at his side, and he seemed to be playing with something on his lap.

But he would move it whenever I came into view, I just sighed and let it be. Sitting next to him and digging my feet under the sand, it gave me a tingly feeling.

I lyed down then, arms and legs stretched across the sand. I was making a sand angel and Ocean put his item in his pocket and laughed at me. “Umm, Ambu. . . what are you doing?” He asked between fits of laughter, I giggled and pointed out the obvious, and he smiled and joined me. “Making a sand angel, duh!”

Our goofy grins were the most overused expression we used today.

And I knew from that moment on there was another reason why I loved this beach so much now.

Chapter 4
My parents met Ocean’s the next day. They had rented the Beach house right next to ours, our parents became close friends really fast. And so did me and Ocean. I enjoyed seeing my parents happy and socializing with other people and more when they talked with each other. In a civilized manner without yelling at each other.

Me and Ocean went back to the Beach later that day, and that’s where we discovered the hammock on the beach suspending between two palm trees for the first time.

We tried climbing on it, and found it to swing so easily that I would fall and find Ocean laughing with all his heart, wiping off tears from his eyes.

When I climbed back up though after many failed attempts, I pushed him off and laughed as he laughed when his face dug head first under the sand.

I slipped my fingers threw the netting, and watched Ocean climb back up. We sat there, face to face and quite for some time. Until a soft wind blew over, and I fell forward slightly, I clung to his shirt to keep balance, but we both ended up losing balance anyway, and our bodies met the sand- I on top of him. We both blushed.

We laughed at the tedious net bed, and stared lost in each other’s eyes.

But still managed big grins.

The sun began setting on the beach, it lit up the sky with its kaleidoscope of colors. Always unpredictable and each sunset seemed like a tribute to the day gone past.

With a seagull flying through the sky and the water rocking slightly protruding out of the water, this restful scene created a sense of peace and harmony for us.

And we sat on the hammock and watched it all happen.
“Beautiful, isn’t it?” Ocean commented, his body so close to mine that it made me blush even more.

I nodded, and Ocean didn’t even need to move all that much, he leaned his head only a bit closer to my cheek, and kissed it gently and softly. Our foreheads met, and we stared lost in each others’ eyes once again on our favorite beach and hammock.

Chapter 5
We fell asleep on the hammock that night, in each others’ arms. I stirred awake quietly, only yawning. I watched his face intently until he woke up, the waves sounded in my ears, and I heard the palm trees sing as the wind would blow over. I was really in love with both the Beach and Ocean…

His eyes began to open slowly and he yawned quietly, sitting up and rubbing his eyes. “W–wha? We fell asleep on the hammock?” His voice was still sleepy, I nodded, and he kissed my cheek again. “Good morning. Ambu.”

I flushed and perked up. “G-Good morning, Ocean!” We watched the sunrise in perfect joy before we got off the hammock.

He flashed my favorite smile, and even though his eyes were half awake I could still see a future of us happy in them. Holding hands, possibly getting married in the near future, having our very own dream house with a white picket fence. It was such early thought for a girl my age.

But I couldn’t help the way my thoughts came to. And I wanted them to all come true. One day.

He whispered something to me, and his whisper carried in the wind. “Hey, we should go exploring for seashells today!”

I nodded eagerly and smiled cheerfully. To wake up next to Ocean like this, that was the best feeling I could ask for.

We walked along the waterline and searched for seashells near the water, I’d thought I’ve found one Ocean didn’t have in his collection, but he would always point out he’d have that one in his collection. I tried looking for strange and unusual textures in them this time, and crouched down to pick one up that was being washed against the shore.

“Found one…! I think.” I shouted and heard Ocean’s footsteps behind me in the sand. I picked up the small seashell and held it to the morning sun.

Ocean passed his hand across my face, and reached up and grabbed the seashell, placing it in his shorts pocket. “Perfect. Now I can finish the-” He stopped to turn around, and whistled as he walked off.

I tilted my head in wonder at what he was about to say, “Huh? HEY WAIT, OCEAN! Tell me what you were about to say!” I ran after him as he ran away, but then he stopped and looked at me. I froze knowing his ocean eyes could cause such a big effect on me.

“Soon. . .” He smiled at me and gave a secret pat to his shorts pocket.

Soon. . .? I dismissed the thought shortly after, smiling back when Ocean smiled at me. And forgetting right away what we had just talked about.

We ran around the beach for the fun of it, playing tag and laughing to no stop.

All the children and parents watched us from their Beach house, including mine and Ocean’s.

Chapter 6
We built sand castles, we drew in the sand with small twigs we would find over at the reef. Ocean drew in the sand stick figures of me and him. We were happy and he drew big grins on our faces, our hands held the sun in between us.

We continued doodling like that for some while, until my parents called out my name. And we were forced to part our ways. Ocean went back to his beach house, and I to mine. They were right next to each other, and we shared glances and smiles as we headed in.

I wondered if my parents were mad that I never came home last night... but I was still so close to our beach house. That it should not matter, right?

“What is it?” I looked at the both of them, sitting on the couch and gesturing me to sit. I could feel unease at the pit of my stomach, like a certain dread that was slowly coming back.

I took a seat between them. And I did not sense any love there. I usually did, whenever I was around them I could sense something there. But this time I couldn’t even swallow, because I was too scared for them to announce it to me.

So I decided the pain would be lessened if I voiced it myself. “You two. . . are getting a divorce. . . aren’t you?”

I was wrong. The pain sharpened so deep that I thought I would never smile again. Ever since we came to the beach, I’d wished for them to be happy again. No more arguing, and to feel like I was not the only reason they were still together in the past.

To walk along the waterline again, to smile down at me and pat me on the head and hug me like a family would hug their loving child.

They’re painful nod tore at my happiness, and I was on the borderline to tears. I ran upstairs into my room and slammed the door hard behind me, jumping into my bed and sobbing into my pillow. I actually ended up crying myself to sleep.

I knew Ocean would come looking for me, and I would be inside my room, crying my heart out... I didn’t want divorced parents!

I dreamt of the only person who could restore my smile and make me the happiest person alive again.

Chapter 7
Ocean never came looking for me that morning.

When I awoke the morning after, I felt dead and mad at my parents. I frowned and ignored them and their words as I passed them.

I ran to the Beach where I would always find Ocean there first. He was on the hammock, awaiting me. He waved when he saw me from a distance, running with tears in my eyes.

His face wore a frown when he saw my tears and jumped off the hammock, running into my arms and holding me tightly.

I felt I needed to be punished when Ocean wore a frown, for the very first time ever. He frowned. And my parents getting a divorce seemed like nothing now. His frown was worse. “AMBU! What’s wrong?! I didn’t come back to the Beach because I was making something for you...Sorry...” He sounded so concerned and mad at the same time seeing tears in my eyes.

“. . . M-my parents. . . t-they-” But I couldn’t finish, my voice was clogged with too many sobs and I found it impossible to speak. I could not hold back the tears any longer.

I buried my face into his chest, and he let me cry. His arms were wrapped ever so tightly around me, that I knew nothing would break us apart. He took my face in his hands and wiped my tears away, with each touch, I felt the un-wanted emotions melt away.

Then he smiled... making my world right again.

“W. . . why are you smiling. . . ?” I sobbed quietly, and he wiped another tear off.

“So you can stop crying, of course!” He smiled, so big, that I started laughing as another sob welcomed itself. Then they stopped and there were no more. And I couldn’t possibly let another slip. I was too happy now.

About an hour later, we went far away somewhere where our parents couldn’t find us. It was then where we shared our first kiss. And he told me the next day, he’ll be giving me something very precious he had been making since he’d met me.

I was excited, but I didn’t care what material thing it was. As long as it came from the heart; and I would treasure it forever if it came from Ocean.

Chapter 8
Ocean and I stayed on the beach and played every game imaginable. I just wanted it to be me and Ocean today.

Some of the children playing around the beach offered if we would play with them, but me and Ocean secluded ourselves and spent the whole day together.

The children seemed upset by it.

We spent most of our time on our hammock. Where we talked for hours and hours, until either of us stopped talking and grew tired of talking. But that never happened.

Ocean had told me the reason for his smile, he said, “I’d like to live life to the fullest, I don’t want to be sad. I like to make people smile when I smile; I want it to be contagious. I want it to give people hope. Like you, I want you to be happy with your parents. I want you to forgive your parents and forget your misery; I want to see you smile no matter what happens. Even if the sky were to fall down, I will make you smile.”

He was like no other I’ve ever met, he was special and no smile I ever see again will compare to his.

I felt so many emotions being with Ocean, I felt all the emotions anyone who has ever been in love would feel. Though I was young- I understood that.

I was also scared, because I knew my heart could easily break now. But I knew Ocean would never do that. Our hearts are one now I believe, and Ocean, I felt with him, that he would be the love of a lifetime, I would never love another again as I love Ocean.

“It’ll be done by tomorrow…” He had murmured to me, and I just nodded and smiled. Hugging him again and telling him, “I-I love you. . .” I closed my eyes after I spoke from my heart, surprised by what I just said to him. But I knew the feeling was mutual.

“I love you too, Ambu.” Everything felt so right and just there. I couldn’t stop my heart from beating so quickly.

Chapter 9
Things were happening so fast. That I couldn't believe there to be an end to summer, and an end to this romance of ours.

My parents tried to make me feel better; they told me we could still be part of a family. But I knew it just wouldn't be the same ever again. They knew it too. But they were happy to see me so happy with Ocean.

I awoke not in my bed, but the hammock instead. Ocean slept close at my side, and the hammock swung as the wind blew. When he woke up we got off the hammock and decided to play with the children who were playing along the waterline. They seemed overly joyed at our company, and we splashed water at each other as part of our game.

Ocean got me alone from them, and said, “Hey... Ambu. You should go see your parents... I want you to set things straight with them. Be happy with them. I'll give you my present after you come back...” He vowed. Kissing my cheek.

I knew he was right either way. I nodded and hugged him one last time before I went running to my beach house. He was right... I couldn’t stay mad at them forever. And I didn't want to. If they're relationship was truly over now... I needed to cope with that and know they still meant well.

When I first came in, and they heard me come in through the door, they hugged me in their arms. I felt all warm inside. And happy.

“AMBU! We're so sorry for putting you through all this... we never meant it to become this way. We still love you... don't you forget that. Ever.” My mother said tearfully, and my Father nodded. “We will still be a family, Ambu. We love you.”

I nodded in understanding, thinking this wasn't so bad. Ocean really did change my life.

Chapter 10
When I ran back to the beach to tell Ocean the good news, all the kids were gone no longer at play. And Ocean was nowhere to be found.

I searched everywhere where we would most likely be together, but he was gone.

I’d have thought it was just a part of his surprise, so I stayed sane a bit more in the recess of my mind.
Until his parents and mine found me alone on the beach during that day, no Ocean with me. His parents worried, and I assured them everything was okay and Ocean was only thinking of me.

But deep inside, I was dying. Slowly, pain began to overwhelm me and kill my smile. I couldn’t believe only hours away from him I felt such sadness and emptiness. But it was more, something more that made my stomach turn and stunned me to a point I couldn’t bear the sight of the beach anymore, that I feared only the memories of us kept me alive.

Ocean had been missing for a day now, and in those hours of the day I cried and cried for him to come back to me. I couldn’t fall asleep, I just waited for him on the hammock. Thinking of him deeply and his big blue ocean eyes and smile. My face hurt from so much crying.

I felt I couldn’t stop no matter how much I tried. I felt numb all over and needed to see his smile and hear his voice every day.

What had happened to Ocean?

I found out the next day.

Chapter 11
Ocean’s parents found out what had happened to Ocean. And they told my parents, and then my parents told me...

I couldn't believe it to be true.

My mind shut down, and my heart ceased to beat. I no longer felt I could smile again, ever. God wanted Ocean by his side. He wanted his smile, just as much as I did. When I heard the news, I blamed myself entirely.

“Ocean had drowned.”

He drowned…

When all the kids were away and nobody watching, he had ventured deep into the water and swam in search for more seashells, for the necklace he wanted to make me all along, the seashell floated far from the shore, and he swam after it…

All happiness had been erased from my mind; it was as if I no longer knew the definition of it. I didn’t know what it was to smile anymore.

The beach that I loved so much took the boy I loved away from me. Just like that.

I found myself stuck. In the past. I couldn’t live anymore in the present without Ocean. I wanted Ocean too much to be by my side. Smiling at me. The hammock where we used to talk for hours and until one of us fell asleep, the rocks we used to climb on and sit, overlooking the world. The drawings we made in the sand that represented our love...

Were washed away from the tides.

Someone found Ocean. And when they did, they found a necklace made of seashells floating near him. They gave it to me.

And now as I make my way back to the Beach on the last day of Summer, I feel my feet encased in blocks of cement. I held the seashell necklace in hand, and when I connected it around my neck. Somehow, I could almost feel his touch on the back of my neck as he connected the seashell necklace around my neck, and telling me,

“I want to see you smile no matter what happens. Even if the sky were to fall down, I will make you smile.”

I looked up at the sun setting, and held my fist up to my heart. Smiling big for Ocean. I knew he would want it that way.

The End

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Awww i like the whole beach concept <3

Posted 1/23/10 , edited 1/23/10
♥ Yesh, i randomly thought of 'OH BEACH'
I had other names, but they were too weird =w=

thanxs owo ~
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Reminds me of the beach house I used to go to during the summers <3
Posted 1/23/10 , edited 1/23/10
thanks and,
I always wanted a beach house and awesomeness that came wiff it <3
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26 / F / In my own little...
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I once made a sand angel XDD
FAILED at it though because the water came and made it go bye bye =w=

But yeah I LOVE that house >w<
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Posted 1/23/10 , edited 1/23/10
I love this story!! It's so cute!! :3
Posted 1/23/10 , edited 1/23/10
Lol embie :3 thats why you gotta make one kinda farish from teh water XD
and thanxs angelo ^^

I'll add more later, or FINISH since i got it done already. But im on meh laptop now and got kicked off teh comp so me no wanna yet D:

Cant reply to msgs either =w= *coughEMBIEcough xD
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As far as trips to the beach go, I never made a sand angel, but a sand castle, I did create.

@koko-pink: You ish welcome (:
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in one of teh chaps they make a sand castle =w=
forgot which, i think teh next one actually? xD

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Posted 1/23/10 , edited 1/23/10

ay_bay_bay wrote:

in one of teh chaps they make a sand castle =w=
forgot which, i think teh next one actually? xD


lol I read minds and cakes :p
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..... read.... cakes...?

@ Koko-chan :: heh heh heh =w=
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ember1116 wrote:

..... read.... cakes...?

@ Koko-chan :: heh heh heh =w=

Yes. I can tell if a cake lies or not.
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...I cake cant talk.
Sorry to be the barrer of bad news =w=

@embie: Y E S H >W<
Lol his same opinions sooo dont matter.
Stupid anime guy in that one anime =w=
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@ Angelo :: Yeha Koko-chan's right... sorry to break it to ya

@ Koko-chan :: XDDDDDD
So stupid I can't even remember his name!
His opinions always just get on my nerves SOOOO MUCH!!
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