[Assignment] Afternoon Class Kido/Cero
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You may use the following links to help you out on your assignments.

Hollow transformation/Hollow Mask/Vizard Resurrection/Cero/Bala Assignment(s)[Vizard/Hollow Specific]

Kido Assignment(s)


#1.Please DON'T COPY answers of other Vizards.I know some assignments do bear the same response,but please try to make yourself the more distinctive you can among other Vizards.
#2.Please don't "Quote" anyone here on this thread EXCEPT ME,& conversation isn't allowed here.
#3.A particular assignment can only be completed for 3 times,by any particular Vizard,anymore response by the same Vizard to the same assignment will no more be accepted.
#4.Feel free to post your response,any doubt you can consult me.
#5.It's my strict advice to refrain yourself,while under my supervision to comment,or cultivate opinions of criticism regarding anyone's reply.You can give your opinion to rectify someone's reply,but in a friendly manner,NO CRITICISM.Feel free to communicate among yourselves fellow Vizards,but please don't criticise anyone

Class Teacher: KAKASHI2000

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;; not sure but im doing assignment one
Username: animeotaku131
Name: Aurora Kagamine
Birthday: may 25
Extra Info About Yourself: im childish but can be dangerous, ill try to make frends not enemies! my favrite group has always been the vizards (not much else)
srry if i didnt do this right!!!!!
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23 / F / lala land xD
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Username: vampireknight_bleach
Name: yen tsukiyomi
Birthday: march 24
Extra Info About Yourself: umm i may be quiet but once u get to know me im sure we'll be great friends, uhh if anyone hurts me friends they'll pay ;] ummm idk what else to say xD go vizards ^^
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Assignment 1

Username: steerd8
Name: Lisa Yadomaru
Birthday: Sept 17
Extra Info About Yourself: I'm quiet until I get to know people. Once I warm up I do have a sense of humor. I love anime.
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Kisuke Urahara - KAKASHI2000 wrote:

Mention your story if you would have turned into a Vizard in real,how you gained control over you inner hollow,& finally how you communicated with your inner hollow.Description of you inner world is a must.
~Must be more than a paragraph.
~Mention different experiences in separate paragraphs

Assignment #2:

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Kisuke Urahara - KAKASHI2000 wrote:

Assignment #3.
List 3 exceptional cases of Cero that are specific to the character that launches that particular Cero,& state the full name of that character.

Assignment #3:

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