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RP: New Mission Thread!
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28 / M / Just a kamen ride...
Posted 2/28/10 , edited 2/28/10

stickysweet wrote:

thats wat i figured you can find out what happened while the others battle the hollows

Posted 3/1/10 , edited 3/1/10
Hai Hai Taichou

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F / sereitei
Posted 3/2/10 , edited 3/2/10
OOC: oh...souka. hai, arigato!

*suddenly senses abnormal hollow activity coming from a few yards behind her and shunpos into the air above, then raining down ice shards when the hollows passed under her. looks at the disappearing hollows thoughtfully for a few moments before realising what this was all about. quickly, she sets up a sensor by implanting one of her bullets not 10 metres from the site of the hollow at the west side of the town. then, by concentrating on pulsating bits of reiatsu in a circle from that point on, she is able to discern anything, friend or foe, that approaches that site. following that, she sets up a strong but barely perceptible link to Hozu taichou so that she will also be informed first hand should anyone approach, yet not enough to distract her unless she wishes to be. through the link, she sends a brief message* ambushing may occur. please be careful. *then, slightly irritated by the abnormal movement of the hollows, she draws up a small ice dome around her so that any hollows who decide to pay her a visit will be repelled, following which she set up a temporary connection at her spot and reported back to Sereitei. she clipped on a microphone and attached a small video camera to an ice shard she make and manipulated it to attach itself to the sensor she planted earlier*
Posted 3/10/10 , edited 3/10/10
OOC: Well this is fun
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Posted 3/15/10 , edited 3/15/10

I hope my Captain is aware. *stands atop a building, looking over Seireitei, in the direction of the Second Division* Slacker...yare yare
Posted 3/23/10 , edited 3/23/10
this didn't liven up the group at all -.- i'm waiting for ppl b/c idk what i'm supposed to be doing
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25 / M / in hell muhaha
Posted 11/17/10 , edited 11/18/10
Black Star came out of the gate and sense light and shunpos to her location
wow so this place is buzzing whit hallow
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25 / M / davenport IA
Posted 10/29/10 , edited 10/29/10
dyce comes into the seen- " damn wheres everyone at, oww well i guess ill go kill a few hollows.
"react grudara" dyce opens up the diminsion to his zanpactuo world and starts sucking hollows into it
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