Dear John
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Posted 1/24/10 , edited 1/24/10
Alright so the first time I saw the trailer was like in the New Moon movie (can't really remember). I was really interested afterwards and then starting January 2010 I started seeing the trailer EVERYWHERE in the TV. So just last week I bought the book because I don't want to watch the movie before reading the book. The book was fantastic! Read it in a day.I cried, a very heartbreaker book. READ IT! So now, I cant wait to watch it! Its still like 2 weeks before but it should be this month.... OH WELL! I'll wait for it!

Anyways, the characters playing the role of both John Tyree and Savannah Lynn Curtis are my favorite actress/actor!

Channing Tatum is playing the main guy John Tyree. I already knew Channing because he played Duke in G.I. Joe with Marlon Wayans, Duke (again!) in She's The Man with Amanda Bynes, Public Enemies as Pretty Boy Floyd ,and lastly he was in the Step Up. He married his co-star Jenna Dewan on July 11, 2009!

Amanda Seyfried is playing the main girl Savannah Lynn Curtis. Amanda is so PRETTY and she's a great actress. She played a minor role in Mean Girls as Karen Smith (one of the mean girls), Mamma Mia as Sophie Sheridan along with Meryl Streep (AWESOME MOVIE BOTH MERYL AND HER IN A MOVIE IS GREAT!), and she played Anita Lesnicki in Jennifer's Body with Megan Fox.

So I can't wait for it to come out. Hopefully they won't change A LOT of stuff in the book. Watching the extended trailer of it i already saw so many stuff that wasn't in the book,so hopefully it won't be a disappointment. I know I will cry in that movie I just know so! When I cried in the book , I was like crap im going to cry in the movie too! :P


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Posted 1/27/10 , edited 1/28/10
Dood, i wanted to see this, i bet it would be good, Channing is pretty sexy, they actually do make a cute couple. The trailer just got me like just the trailer looked good, so cant wait for the movie Feb 5 th.
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Posted 1/30/10 , edited 1/30/10
i read the book and i nearly cried my eyes out...i don't know if it want to see the just might push me over the edge
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Posted 2/3/10 , edited 2/3/10
the book is good..
channing really suits to play john...i dont know with the girl..she's not that pretty..and why is she blonde??..
savannah's supposed to be a brunette..

i think the ending's perfect..lot's of lessons to learn..
Posted 2/3/10 , edited 2/3/10
Hmm, I heard it was really good,
but they don't end up together.
Which is really sad, because I was
really planning to watch it.
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Posted 2/5/10 , edited 2/6/10
i love chaning tatum, Im going to watch it for sure..
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Posted 2/7/10 , edited 2/7/10
i dont know about this movie... romances never really interest me.
but i bet if i read the book, id see the movie.
so ill give the movie a chance xD
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Posted 2/7/10 , edited 2/7/10
No offense, but Channing Tatum isn't really a good actor.
Posted 3/9/10 , edited 3/10/10
i can't wait till it comes out, channing is hot!
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