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Introduce urself xD

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Posted 1/24/10 , edited 3/19/10

As you can see,our group have many members each day.*I hope it can keep going like that*But i bet that most ppl on our group doesn't know much about each other.So this forum is a place where you can talk about urself and ur personalities.I hope you have fun and be friends.:D

Here are some ideas that you can use

1)Hello,my name is........your name
2)I have a nickname too,it is...
3)My age is...
4)My interest is...
5)My favorite color is...
6)My favorite anime is...
7)Some of my favorite songs are...
8)My favorite sport...
9)My favorite drama is...
10)When im bored,i like to...
11)My dream place is...
12)I wish...
13)I like...
14)I cant live without my...
15)My favorite face is...
16)My favorite food is...
17)Im obsess with...
18)Say something random...
Other questions that you make up :D
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Posted 1/24/10 , edited 1/31/10

1.Your name is........My
2.Your age is.........15
3.Your nickname is..........Chuot
4.Your interest.......a lot xD
5.Your favorite,black,white,green
6.Your favorite food.......Chinese food
7.Your favorite movie.....IDK
8.Your favorite
9.About you.....I like to laugh.but im really sensitive.I love to meet new friends.I flirt a lot.i have a crush on someone.I have him in my mind all the really random.i change subject really fast.I love green cupcakes,its my favorite.Um........... i have a lot but right now..its night so im not thinking really yeah..:D ill edit it later.
10.Say something RANDOM xD......I have a family xD and imaginary

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Posted 1/27/10 , edited 1/31/10

lots of stuff
black blue
uhm lots of stuff =P theres so much 2 tell I cant decide what to say

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Posted 1/28/10 , edited 1/31/10

3 times ten plus a few more
Giant Monsters
Spaghetti Bolognaise
Godzilla Tokyo SOS
I'm always looking for new Movies to watch from any Country, but they generally need to be Thrillers, Horrors or Comedies. I have an open mind and like to believe there must be more to Myths, Fairytales and Legends than we realise. Is there life on other Planets? I hope so or else thats a big empty Universe for us to play in...

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Posted 1/30/10 , edited 1/31/10

4.drawing, listening to music, making graphics, on crunchyroll
6.Orangechicken, Pho
7.200 beauty pound
9. idk, im sort of boring i guess... lol im learning how to make better qualties graphics for my group :]
10. well........ r we really goin to die in 2012? im scared... if die, i want die with my parents, and must have a kiss with a guy i like before i die.

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Posted 1/30/10 , edited 1/31/10

1.Your name is........ a n a h i.
2.Your age is......... 18 xD
3.Your nickname is..........u s a k o.
4.Your interest.......finding a sunflower.
5.Your favorite color........p i n k.
6.Your favorite food.......anything spicy and of course sweets. I guess you can say I'm a mixture of Shaggy&Scooby Doo and L when I eat. LOL
7.Your favorite movie.....the promise of the rose.
8.Your favorite website.....CR
9.About you.....i get distracted easily. i like to sing xD & attempt playing the piano. I like to run because it makes me feel free. I believe in positive and negative vibes. x3 I really wanna learn how to dance and cook. ^_^
10.Say something RANDOM xD..... K I L L E R INSTINCT. "S U P R E ME VICTORY!" <3

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Posted 2/22/10 , edited 2/22/10
1.Your name is........Karin ~!
2.Your age is.........14
3.Your nickname is..........Cookie/Kendra
4.Your interest.......Anime/Hot asian guys Lol~!/drawing/playing sports/playing the piano/shopping/drawing
5.Your favorite color........Purple~!
6.Your favorite food.......Chicken Fingers and crepes and sushi and chinese food~!
7.Your favorite movie.....Valentines Day~! Love Talyor Swift and Taylor Lautner~!
8.Your favorite website.....Crunchyroll~!
9.About you.....I love to do anything fun like shopping~!
10.Say something RANDOM xD My Pie My Pie~! X}
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Posted 3/7/10 , edited 3/8/10
1.Your name is........ Anna Patricia
2.Your age is......... 21 turning 22
3.Your nickname is.......... Rina
4.Your interest....... Anime, Super Sentai (Power Rangers included!) Toku, Shabby Chic
5.Your favorite color........ Blue or Green
6.Your favorite food....... Japanese, Italian, American, Vietnamese
7.Your favorite movie..... I can't tell!
8.Your favorite website..... Crunchyroll, Friendster, Plurk, You Tube, Formspring
9.About you..... I'm a girl whose mind drives me nuts.
10.Say something RANDOM xD...... Just a simple hello to everyone!


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Posted 3/9/10 , edited 3/10/10

1.Your name is........ Shannon
2.Your age is......... 17
3.Your nickname is.......... Miku
4.Your interest....... Kpop
5.Your favorite color........ Teal~
6.Your favorite food....... Sushi~
7.Your favorite movie..... Idk lots haha
8.Your favorite website..... N/A
9.About you..... I value innovation . I'm a complex person with a compassion to for dancing and music. I love to talk about cars, and kpop. Um, I'm a bit clumsy. I have an open mind and anyone could talk to me about anything. I don't like to judge, and I don't want others judging me. My mind doesn't change easily, but once I put something forward, it will be my priority and no one could stop me. I love to laugh and LIVE LIFE.
10.Say something RANDOM xD...... "I'm melting!"

Sorry i cant seem to find teal^^"
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Posted 3/10/10 , edited 3/10/10
1.Your name is........ Mahzabin
2.Your age is......... 15
3.Your nickname is.......... Sakuno or Tsuki
4.Your interest....... k-pop, j-pop and lots more... anime, drama
5.Your favorite color........ blue
6.Your favorite food....... pizza
7.Your favorite movie..... got too many
8.Your favorite website..... crunchyroll
9.About you..... my name means moon in arabic (rough translation), shy, caring, good listener, likes to help out people, my friend think im crazy because i like japanese and korean songs and drama/movies but i dont really care... i love to sing and dance... thats it i think
10.Say something RANDOM xD...... LIVE UR LIFE 2 THE FULLEST!!!
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Posted 3/10/10 , edited 3/11/10

1. Uhh... I don't give out my real name. ^.^
2. I've been breathing for 18 years.
3. Everyone calls me LuLu. (or Louie)
4. I am interested in... a lot of stuff.
5. I LOVE the color red.
6. I like to eat... anything I guess? Don't have a favorite.
7. I .. don't watch movies...
8. I have many many favorite websites.
9. I'm a girl... I don't talk much. I like to keep to myself most times. I have a laughing problem... I have two younger sisters... too bad they are not into anime. -_-
10. *cough* uhem... ???
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Posted 3/11/10 , edited 3/12/10
its all about me

1.Your name is........ Sheila Mae
2.Your age is......... im 15
3.Your nickname is.......... i have many nicknames... hm... Bod, shei, love, golsh.. gols,ling2x [dont ever ask me where did thAT names come from/! xDxD]
4.Your interest....... well, i love being in crunchyroll, i love reading books esp. FICTION!, i love eating.. roaming around..chatting.... studying a bit........ and m2m....
5.Your favorite color........ my favorite color is blue, sky blue
6.Your favorite food....... i have may things on my mind.. i like spaghetti, salad, siomai, and hamburger...[starving]
7.Your favorite movie..... hmmm... g.i joe, avatar,, valentine's day...
8.Your favorite website..... in here.... crunchyroll
9.About you..... well, i think im 5 ft. 3 inches in height... i love caring about other people... and they say im fun to be with......
10.Say something RANDOM xD...... ha!life is too short to harbor too much hatred to other people.....
Posted 3/13/10 , edited 3/14/10
1.Your name is........

2.Your age is.........

3.Your nickname is..........
Candy . Candiez . Sweets

4.Your interest.......

5.Your favorite color........
Black . Purple . Blue

6.Your favorite food.......

7.Your favorite movie.....
I have alot~

8.Your favorite website.....

9.About you.....
What about me? Well hmm. I'm nice and friendly, but im sure you'd never want to piss me off :] I love to read mangas, books, watch anime, dramas, etc.. I LOVE EATING SWEETS! <3 That's why my calls me Candy, Candiez, or Sweets at times. I always have something sweet with me everyday~ <3 Just buddy me if you want to know more.

10.Say something RANDOM xD......
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Posted 3/14/10 , edited 3/14/10
name | stephanie |
age | 17 |
nickname | sugar |
interests | boys | laughing | annoying| touching | eating | etc. |
favColor | rainbow-love |
food | anything edible |
movie | notebook | titanic | ....| can't remember.. LOL |
favWebsite | crunchyroll | | The end. xD
me | blah | blah | i love boys | xD | <3 |

"omg, it's TOP!" *faints*
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Posted 3/14/10 , edited 3/14/10
hey im bao & im a alcoholic & likes long walks on the beach. jk
im Bao ( yes the one from the Steal Bao Game )

- yes thats me, im trying to attempt a solo -
im 16 - & still kickin -
umm lots of kicknames just ask me.
interests is my music ( i play instruments ) sports ( i play all on teams ), acting ( in the drama club ), enviromental ( im in my IB club at school, im a sponser & going to represent this summer at a conference again in another state ) , drawing ( been at it since i was born ), and etc, just ask ;)
fav color? i have many blue,orange,green,red,black,white & grey.
movies ? titanic, all disney moveis lastest i seen was princess & the frog, marley & me ( i cried ALOT ask my ) , cartoon, anime, and etc.
my fav websites? mangafox,clothing sites,crunchyroll , Msn, & food sites ( i looked up mcdonalds menu in japan & korea during lunch at the school library haha ), youtube, and wanna kno more ask me .
about me im asian korean ,japanese,chinese,vietnamese , & i think thai and taiwanese ( so far ), i like all sprots im on my varsity westling,track,swimming,football,tennis, Soccer & baseball teams. i do martial arts, wake boarding wake skating outside of school,i like singing, and dancing: ive been my whole life ( been in parades WOOT! ) i like photography i take pictures every second: the only way to remember the greastest of memories is from pictures to live through it once again.i love my family,& friends, im OVER PROTECTIVE over them. i have health problems that i have to go to the hospital alot or regulary but i hold put, i may say shit but its only cause i care if you take it the wrong way im sorry, if i say anything to offend im sorry also, i may be wierd but itsthe code i live by: dont follow & be like everyone, gotta fight that path & be yourself.
well if theres anything else just ask me i dont bite im easy going & all the quotes i used i made them up myself.
random: im Athiest (now thats random ) wanna talk to me bout my religion please do cause ill like to talk to you too if u wanna yell at me for being one.

thank you for reading my long ass about me post hahaha hope you enjoy ^^

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