CR Bucks Bug
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Posted 1/25/10 , edited 1/26/10
On this page:

It says you can buy CR Bucks through 5 different methods, which are indicated by buttons above where the offers and surveys are. If you click on the button, it says you can get 1000 CR Bucks for 10 real dollars. I had gone into chat and I spoke with someone, I assume it was a chat moderator, they were confused, it didn't make sense. Apparently it was true, but that would mean a lifetime membership for way too cheap.

So I purchased it to see if I could get my 1000 CR Bucks; this is what it says:

Your CR Bucks Balance:

When I click the redeem link to the left of the screen it comes up with this page:

Which doesn't let me redeem anything, except shows an upgrade button that I can't afford with only 10 CR Bucks. I have the two week free trial and was planning on becoming a member, but

Where are the other 990 CR Bucks I purchased?
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Posted 4/8/10 , edited 4/8/10
I'v had a similar problem with the surveys myself. I have done multiple surveys to get the CR bucks for the anime membership. The ones i filled out were just the "which <insert topic here> are you?", and after i get to the last page like one of my friends showed me, i don't get them. Now he said I have to wait like an hour or so sometimes, and thats fine with me. But it's been 2 weeks since i last did one, and I haven't gotten a single cent of what I did. F.Y.I I had also done others just like that and ones slightly different. I have also tried filling out the "missing these CR Bucks?" form, and I never get a reply. I'm really starting to get p/o'd here. Any help would be greatly appreciated...
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Posted 4/8/10 , edited 4/9/10
It says the following on the CR Bucks page:

Note: If you use one of the five direct payment options below, like Social Gold or Pay By Cash, "1 CR Buck" is equal to one US cent ($0.01), so 1000 CR Bucks for $10.00 means your CR Bucks Balance will be $10.00.

This is an error with how the CR Bucks system displays the values so, since you paid $10, you received the appropriate 10 CR Bucks. The system is provided by a different company (Super Rewards), so we are unable to fix the error ourselves and is why we have put that note up on the CR Bucks page.
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Posted 5/23/10 , edited 5/24/10
How about the removal of a payment option without notification?

Paybycash is the way I always purchased CR bucks but now, without notice, that option is no longer on the CR page (though it is mentioned as an example.

End result I now have a non-refundable $20 paybycash card and no use for it. Or is it a glitch that it is no longer offered?

I just can not comprehend removing a 'pre-pay' payment option without notifying your clientele first (especially those that use the CR Bucks system which you should have on record)
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Posted 6/13/10 , edited 6/13/10
how many cr bucs is needed to get anime mebership
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