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Posted 1/26/10 , edited 2/8/10
Avii Request


♥ Request 1 at a time.
♥ Don't request until your other one is finished.
♥ Don't rush the mods.
♥ Don't spam the forum.
♥ Use the Avii for atleast 2 weeks.
♥ Upload the pics in the picture album.
♥ U should pay or u will request will be skipped.
♥ U should show ur membership card or ur request will be skipped.

Mod Examples:

♥ Example 1:

♥ Example 2:

♥ Example 1:

♥ Example 2:

♥ Example 1:


♥ Upload 5 pics in the payment album.
♥ Invite atleast 5 members.


♥ Mod requesting:
♥ Username:
♥ Text:
♥ Color scheme:
♥ Extas:
♥ Payment:
♥Show ur membership card:
♥ Pics:(in spoiler//HQ):


♥ Put pending and your name and username. When done with the request edit the post done.

When you edit the post to put pending ---, make sure you spoiler the form to make the forums less messy.

Mods, don't respond to comments. Talk to them through PM (private messages)

Upload the wallpaper into the Wallpaper Album graphics album
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Posted 2/13/10 , edited 2/14/10
♥ Mod requesting: Angelique_Fan please
♥ Username: FelicitySakura
♥ Text: FelicitySakura, Summer Sunny Girl!
♥ Color scheme: up to u...
♥ Extas: textures, brushes, wtever u think its matches
♥ Payment: invite all my friends and upload 5 pic.
♥Show ur membership card: not yet...=="
♥ Pics:(in spoiler//HQ):
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