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Who and what do you want to meet or see in Japan?
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25 / F / St. Lucia Girls'...
Posted 5/3/10 , edited 5/3/10
i want to wear kimono,see cheery blossom,eat sushi,have fun at tokyo disney land...
i want to meet horikita maki,oguri shun,ikuta toma,arashi,kat-tun,news,hey say jump,
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33 / F
Posted 5/4/10 , edited 5/4/10
i wanna meet ikuta toma, yamapi, ryo nishikido, arashi, kat-tun, oguri shun, teppei koike.
i wanna see cherry blossoms, places where they filmed the movies/dramas i've watched and more.
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23 / F / kuwait
Posted 5/20/10 , edited 5/20/10

i hope that i can meet uruha

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26 / F / california
Posted 5/21/10 , edited 5/22/10
people i really want to see are :
2.teppei koike
3.kazuya kamenashi
5.MOTOMI Kyousuke
6.Matsuri Hino
.....omg i can't decide theres a lot of ppl.
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23 / F / Philippines
Posted 5/21/10 , edited 5/22/10
i would like to see Cherry Blossoms
and Yamapi
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26 / F / Crimson Silence
Posted 6/5/10 , edited 6/6/10
Sakura trees, Comicket convention, some anime shops there, wanting to wear kimono/yukata, went to festivals, one Disney place in Tokyo where Nobuo had the idea of the sea salt ice cream..
1.CLAMP (because of their amazing clothes design, also i'm a fan of xxxholic)
2. Utada Hikaru
3. Nobuo Uematsu (the one responsible of FF and KH series)
4.there is a long list of jpop singers, and seiyuu..
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30 / F / philippines...
Posted 6/13/10 , edited 6/13/10
i want to see japan itself LOL... cherryblossoms festival i so want to see that..
and i want to meet MAKI HORIKITA in-person waaaaaaHH*
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24 / F / England, Kingston
Posted 6/13/10 , edited 6/13/10
I wanna meet Takeru, Toma, Jun Matsumoto, Shun Oguri xDD
I wanna wear a kimono too!

Xenelle wrote:

3. Nobuo Uematsu (the one responsible of FF and KH series)
4.there is a long list of jpop singers, and seiyuu..

& this
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Posted 6/15/10 , edited 6/15/10
an cafe
rainie yang
show lou
xiao gui
matsushita yuya
rookiez is punk
mamoru miyano, actually all the voice actors/actresses
ayumi hamasaki
Posted 6/15/10 , edited 6/16/10
Takeshi Kaneshiro. He is THE hottest Japanese guy. Not only do I want to meet him, I wish he would give me a kiss on the cheek or even maybe lips? ahaha. Though I doubt that would ever happen to me. XD
Posted 6/15/10 , edited 6/16/10
See where my Uncle was born and raised. (Hokkaido) i beleive
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Posted 6/15/10 , edited 6/16/10
ikutaaaaaaaaaaa toma<3 hes just so gorgous and i love his acting
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36 / M / Sydney NSW
Posted 6/21/10 , edited 6/21/10
i'd love to meet leah dizon,if i met her i'd full kiss her then run like crazy!lol......
and what id want to do most in japan is the simple thingz like go clubbing and check restaurants out in any major city,preferably in tokyo
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32 / M / Currently, Guam
Posted 6/21/10 , edited 6/22/10
Well, being in the Navy myself, I've actually gone to Japan before, but it was less than a week; four days to be precise. I spent a lot of time plugging into the local Wifi so I could make inexpensive phone calls back home, but I did see a number of cool things while I was there.

At the time, I was only a budding Japanese-language student and self-taught, at that. But I spoke enough to get around with my group. And I was the only one who spoke ANY Japanese, so my help, for what it was worth, turned out to be worth a bit more than squat.

We went to the Tokyo Tower. Nice place, but one guy in our group turned out to be dangerously afraid of heights. So being the kind, caring, considerate shipmates that we were, we dragged him all the way to the top observatory and forced him to look down.

But once we got down to the bottom, and ignored every insult he was throwing at us, we were looking for something to eat. One guy heard that there was a Wolfgang Puck's around, and asked the lovely non-English speaking clerk if she could "tell us how to get to Wolfgang Puck's."

To which she replied, "Haa?"

To which I inferred, "Wurufugengu Paaku."

Her response: "Ah! Wurufugengu Paaku. Chotto matte kudasai." Well, she may not have said exactly that, but that's what I remember. And she went off to get us a map.

The one who spoke first asked me "How did you know to say that?"

I just shrugged.

After Wolfgang's we went to a strip mall of sorts. There was a store that can basically be described as the Japanese Lenscrafters. And it was open. So my friend wanted to see if he could get a pair of glasses.

Now, anyone who knows Japanese culture knows that the way the Japanese measure eyesight is quite different from the way we do business. But I kept that to myself. I was curious too.

So after communicating (brokenly) to the clerk, it was determined that my friend didn't even have his prescription from back home. Not that it would help. I just told the clerk that my friend didn't have his prescription, and they invited him to get measured. But if we wanted to catch the train and get back before our curfew to the boat, we needed to leave sooner rather than later, and so we excused ourselves.

We had Ramen and one of us had a bit of sake (which he didn't like) and we browsed around and took pictures and did all kinds of things before the day was over. It was rather fun.

But I guess if I could choose, I would go like to meet Ken Akamatsu, the author of A.I. Shiteru, Love Hina, Negima, and another one that I can't remember the name to right now.
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25 / F
Posted 6/24/10 , edited 6/24/10
I want to see this sexy beast
, he is the best looking guy EVER and I LOVE his personality...
Plus, I really, REALLY want to go to Akihabara. I'm an electronics junkie and I could spend hours and hours just looking at random gadgets and laptops (oooh laptops *drool*).
OH YEAH I wanna spend a night in a Capsule Hotel! It looks... interesting
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