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Posted 1/27/10 , edited 1/28/10

Well, we all know Ouran High School Host Club's story, right? To those who don’t, *gackt* you’re missing out on half your life! (lol) Better read the manga, or watch the anime~ <33

Anyways, due to its popularity, ideaf decided to make a game out of it~ (Now that I think about it, ideaf seems to be the company which has the most anime-turned-game release… well, gotta be thankful to them for that :p). There are 4 additional characters included in the game, 3 guys from this Kenran High (of varying nationalities), and a girl from Ouran High. Honestly, the additional characters aren’t all that interesting in my opinion =___=”’ Well perhaps except for the fact that this French John guy is Tamaki’s best friend in the game o_O. Tamaki and the others are more than enough for me to want to play this game :p Here are pics and info on the characters.

Jean-Pierre Léo, a long-time French friend of Tamaki

A 2nd-year high school student of Kenran High. Born in France but grew up in Japan. He went back to France when he was 8 years old, and there met Tamaki and becomes his best friend

Himemiya Sayuri, a childhood friend of Haruhi

A first year student of Ouran High, and is said to have known Haruhi since pre-school… With her competent personality, she seems to be Renge’s substitute in the game…

Wan Ron

The Chinese exchange student of Kenran high, who seems to be at par with Kyouya’s money-mindedness.

Yoshitsuna Goutokuji

A Japanese national but grew up in America. He seems to follow Leo . His personality is much like Ritsu Kasanoda, his counterpart in the game.

Want to play the game in English~?? Want to know more~??

More Spoilers~
Tamaki X Haruhi

Hikaru X Kaoru (XD not really, its just~ the brotherly love =3)

Hitachiin(s) X Haruhi (I dunno which one's, which T.T)

Kyoya X Haruhi (he looks like a perv~ )

Honey X Mori (only one XD)

Honey X Haruhi (OMG~ its just too damn cute!!! =3)

Mori X Haruhi (o.0)

Fight scenes (I have to add this cuz, HELL YA! I LOVE ACTION~! =P)

(Pls. dont ask questions to me, like "how did that happen" cuz I may not be able to answer it, cuz I only understand a little cuz its in japanese you see...)
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