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Posted 1/27/10 , edited 1/27/10
We are now offering a V.I.P membership. So here it goes. We've made 10 icons. You will recieve 1 everytime you win a competition. Once you have collected all 10 icons you will win a prize. Its pretty simple and fun. Please keep in mind that this forum is re-done whenever we make new icons, but your ammount of icons doesn't change.

How To Get A Membership!

New Icons

The Prize is a Cutest Gurlz On CR, V.I.P membership. The advantages of our Membership is that you get a membership card, you get special forums that only V.I.P's can post in and also special competitions. You will also receive a newsletter about group updates and more!

V.I.P Membership Card

So guys keep entering competitions with your cutest pics and see if you can collect all 10 icons :)

Good Luck!

teenytinytoe - 4 icons
kasakura-san - 4 icons
jilinairah08 - 3 icons
ice-panda -3 icons
bbtprincess - 2 icons
D_Yuhime - 1icon
angelachaos - 1 icon
xshar1 - 1 icon
vainphotography - 1 icon
FallenAngelDeath - 1 icon
iCupid - 1 icon

[ O R I G I N A L idea! If we see something like this in any other group we will know you copied us :)If you would like to use this idea PM one of the mods, please don't take without asking. That's very rude. Have some respect please. Thank you ]

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