So what is take on Katanagatari?
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Posted 1/27/10 , edited 1/28/10

As for me my take on Katanagatari is that it has a lot of potential (Main character is a little slow in the head, I hate main character like that.) But unlike most anime kids today drool over Katanagatari plot and story is not like theirs. The character is more fitting for his position.
I also got a kick out of the type of comedy it portrays.

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Posted 1/28/10 , edited 1/28/10
Oh thanks for reminding about this anime. I just research some info about anime and it has lot of positive comments. Hopefully, this anime will exceed my expectations.
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Posted 1/29/10 , edited 1/29/10
Find it slightly agonising that every episode is 50 minutes long and 70% of it is just costant chattering... But the story is great I'd have to say.
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Posted 1/31/10 , edited 2/1/10
i thought i wouldn't like it, since i was put off by the art style.
though i usually LOVE different/weird art styles, like mononoke and bakamongatari, this one was too simple...

but i gave it a chance since i anyways since really like NisiOisiN's stuff and loved it!

i actually liked that the ep is 50mins, though it's monthly, the quality is good.
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