Zombie Apocolypse
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Well my friends and I were discussing whether we would survive or not........ The house is a basement apartment so the windows would be easy to block because they are so small and we have two dead-bolt doors. The first one is the main door the next is like a exit from the front doorway down some stairs and bam another big up, thick an heavy door,
I think this house would suit the task. The only problem is weapons, we don't have much(a katana, wooden sword, some bats and a pick-axe, lol not even a normal axe) but, I think we would be able to come across some over time. Eh, food on the other hand could be a problem because I don't live withen 5 minutes of a store (walking distance) and I don't want to venture out any longer than that but it woud be necessary. It would be hard, but my chances of survival are alright. How about you O.o Hopefully this will help your chances ^.^
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What will u do if zombie really exist?

^please refer to the link above.

oh boy I would be scared out of my wits . Kitchen knives can't a horde them off but this really depends on the speed and mind of the zombie you're dealing with.
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