create ur story (main girl leads only here)
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Posted 1/28/10 , edited 1/28/10
Story:( a must do)
Posted 1/30/10 , edited 1/30/10
Story:(a must do)Tenshi(mean Angel in japanese)Once have a twin sister name Cole but when they were 5 year old a fire start a their house and Her Father Got Cole and Her Mother out of the house but Tensh was still stuck in the house,Her Father and Twin Sister ran back in the house to get Tenshi out of the house and bring Tenshi to her mother and Her Twin sister and Father went back into house to save their dog but they get hit on the head by the something hard and passed out and they was rushed in the hostpail but it's was too late they already died and Tenshi Mother have been rise Tenshi all by herself and seen then on Tenshi 9th birthday her mother commited sucide on herself and Tenshi saw her Mother lay there and saw bloody,Tenshi sat at the concer of the room and started to cry so hard and loudly...
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