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vip;;a vip membership is where we have special forums and contest, etc for only VIP members. there are 10 badges towards this.

how to get badges;;
forum posts - if you make 50 forum posts over any time span, that gets a badge. you can also get a badge by posting in 5 forums once a day for a week. spam is not counted, quoted forum posts do not count.
wall posts - for every 25 wall posts, you get a badge
photos - if you uplaod 50 pictures you get a badge. you can also get a badge by uplaoding 10 pictures in each album for 2 days.
contest - you get a badge everytime you win a contest
points - you get a badge when you earn 500 points
auction - you get a badge when you win in an auction
mods - you get a badge for being an active mod for a week [: or being one of the most active members for a week
GFX - you get a badge when you enter a GFX contest and your GFX are good

the badges;;
coming soon !
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That's a lot like the V.I.P. membership icons that Amber has in her Girls group o.O
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true, but i ask for ideas now. i dont put anything in this group without asking someone.
i can close this forum, or whatever you like [:
i might be leaving soon anyways.

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