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Posted 1/30/10 , edited 1/30/10
Okay i am really pissed off at sasuke right know well not the anime but the manga which has gottn further from the story line well anyway the reason is because of the way he has been acting and like what he did like come on he searusly has lost it and i think he needs help because i liked the old sasuke better when he was friends with naruto that was one of the reasons why he started to become one pf my favorite characters and i understand that he wasnts his revenge but come on killing his own comrade is just going to far if u think about it!

So i the creator of Naruto4Ever7 ask you what do you think about how he is acting right know and if you think he is going way to far just for the sake of his revenge which was cause by the higher ups and that he should not punish those who have done nothing to him?

That's a long question srry but i really want to know what you think of the BLOOD CRAZED SASUKE!!!!!!!!!!!
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