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Posted 1/30/10 , edited 1/31/10

Stage One: Signing Up


Describe yourself:

Why do you want to be mod:

What programs do you use:

Examples(at least 3 in spoiler):

Stage Two: Dream Lover
If you get accepted your post will be quoted, making you dream flyerfly.
If you have been rejected your post will be ignored. Once your post has
been quoted you will need to make either an avii or banner out of the picture
Once you are done,PM it to

Stage 3: Test to Sucess
Once you have sent your avii or banner to one of the creators.
Then you will get a reply back saying you have been ACCEPTED
or REJECTED. If you have been accepted you will be on probation
for 3-5 days. During those 3-5 days you will need to do 3-5 requests.
After 3-5 days you will get reply saying you have been ACCEPTED or

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