Zune App-Less-Cation or the Under-rated Champ
Posted 1/31/10 , edited 2/1/10
Is it just me or is apple achieving great success due to not its computers BUT its iphone,ipod and accesories.
but is it the Zune inferior to the ipod? some might say yes. some might say no. some might not even care =O.
But im here to tell you that Zune is being under-rated and forgetten a great deal due to its lack of advertisement. also what with EVERYONE making it so that ipods get application exclusively.Okay lets compare.

why is it that i must pay 99 cents to buy one song on itunes? thats like 12 or more dollors just to buy one single album.
now on the zune its only 79 centst. and guess what i can just pay 15 dollors of month and download as much stuff as i want.
Ipod suck when it comes to durability one drop can end its life swiftly when i have dropped my zune numerous times and it hasnt suffered a single scratch.
But im just ranting

Hoe About you?
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lol you put hoe.

this kinda sounds like a rant but w/e. I don't care much for either Zune or Apple cause they both suck IMO
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No hate threads. Sounds like a Vs thread.

Can't stop the consumers from buying in to the looks then the quality can't we.
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Vs Thread are not allowed.

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