The end of WotLK
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Posted 2/1/10 , edited 2/2/10

Now that the Lich King is dead and Bolvar has become the jailer of the scourge, the Alliance has one of its greatest heroes lost.

What are your feeling on the end of the Wrath xpac?
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Posted 2/3/10 , edited 2/3/10
Anti Climactic as most players on non pve realms will not get this far.

A neat way to kill off old Bolvar though.
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Posted 2/5/10 , edited 2/6/10
Your link is dead thanks to the facist naz.... I mean "blizzard". Honestly it doesn't strike me as being all that great. WoW has sold out it's lore a long time ago and the minute I heard "Tauren Paladin" and "thrall is no longer warchief" I knew there was no hope of the story every being more than a second rate bandaid job. I just hope they don't try to relegate sargeras to some half arsed patch in cataclysm he and nightwing are the only villians left worth talking about.
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Posted 2/14/10 , edited 2/14/10
Still a great game no doubt.
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Posted 2/23/10 , edited 2/24/10
They are kinda falling right now.... the expansion Cataclysm is just a stupid attempt to keep the game alive
Me personaly will just play to im a 80 human mage and then see how the cataclysm expansion is... do some raids and get the best equip and then find a new game
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Posted 3/26/10 , edited 3/27/10
the day that cataclysm comes out i will literally cry for the first time in ......................lulz
i think they have softened the game to much i mean built in quest helper mounts at lvl 20 for 5g i had to work hard at lvl 40 for my 100 g loyal mount not some prostitute whorse. the game used to be kind of naturally selective the people who could really take serious heavy raids and hardcore pvp were the ones who played the rest quit. the community now is more nubz than anything blizzard is destroying the one unique essence of wow that made it so fun to play knowing that u you were amongst ur equals............................................................................................and a lil bit o dem nubz is always good for some xtra lulzzzzzz
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