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Posted 2/2/10 , edited 2/18/10

It's kimmie (Azngrl683) at ur service here <~ me is happy photoshop user!You may request for the following:
Support icons
and many more !


1. The Picture MUST be high quality or i will hav a very hard time doing it and stuff(u don't wanna hurt poor kimmie's lil brain rite? :3)
2. Must be large!!! (yes there is a size limit lol xD)
3. Must have full picture of the head (or i will hav a hard time figuring out wat to do)
4. The colors must be very different from eachother, or at least the outline becuz itll make it easier for me! lol xD

How to do the avii requests:
plz answer the following questions .____. :

what size? (the exact dimensions or tall, skinny, medium skinny, 200x800 pix., ect.)
What kind of background? (the picture itself, gradiant[explain colors], gradiant and picture, or shadow with gradiant, ect.)
What kind of brushes? (swirly, circle like, floral, etc.)
What kind of pattern?( diagonal lines, dots etc.)
Text? (ur user, random words, and font name, or at least wat the main font should look like for ex. cursive ect.)


When I make u an avii plz gimme anof the following:

Must: Use it plz i work hard on aviis and stuff ;____;

Optional: Huggies, lolipops, stuffed animals, cupcakes, cakes, rice cakes :]
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