I can't rember why I Loved you (Amuto Fanfic)
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Posted 2/3/10 , edited 2/4/10
Hi, my name is Amu not Amu + a last name. JUST Amu . I am the princess of the dark elves. For centuries my tribe has fought with the light elves. Our Tribes have been at war since recorded history. The disputes over boundaries,riches,hunting,and crops never seem to end. Actually it is QUITE the headache. But that is what Aspirin is for back to what I was saying. About Myself. I wasn't born into the royal family I was chosen. When I was born I was found with a silver leaf in my hand and a lock graced upon a gold chain laying around my neck. ( Yes, the humpty lock)
I was the " Fated Princess." I have long, soft, curly,cherry blossom pink hair. It reaches gracefully behind me in a train that ends at my waist. Yes, no one could deny that i was stunningly beautiful, but that didn't matter to me in the least. I had bigger things on my mind...................... That right I am a classic girl in love. Except I have one problem with my love. I can't remember who he is or where to find him.


Yo, I am the prince of the dark elves. Woop de doo! Lets get this one straight. I may be the prince, I may act concerned about the tribe,and I may be the " Fated Prince" but I didn't care not one bit! I have short messy midnight blue hair that covers one of my piercing sapphire blue eyes. Yah, the kingdoms have been at war yadda yadda yadda.,....... Not much exciting there no killing for the past 5 years nothing to worry about. Uhg, Damn all these high collar shirts, why would ANYONE wear these torture devices? I wounder if I could cut it off with out any one noticing? Yeah didn't think so either. Damn oh well. Any way, Ugh, damn to I have to go to ANOTHER matchmaking session.............. damn, they treat me like a display. I sigh as I look in the mirror. I am soo going to make her pay................. just wait till I find her............. that Damn.................. girl. I t would really help If I could remember her name huh? Uhg, it was SUCH a long time ago I don't remember what I wan even mad at her about anymore. But i new something the burning in my heart wasn't gonna give up so neither could I. Haha *falls on floor laughing! Wow, it has been along time since I have seen myself that serious. ( Knock on the Door) *Sigh Coming momentairly.
Damn match making! I think wryly.
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