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Pokemon MMO
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Posted 2/10/10 , edited 2/10/10

Satchii_dono wrote:

to make pokemon in to an mmo would mean 1st making the whole battle system in to an active fight meaning in poke vs poke u actualy fight as the pokemon u have if u want it even further ull need battle aromours for the pokemons and make an new story where the charecter also fights then it would fit better

Have you ever played the classic ps1 game Jade Cocoon. The battle system and catching pokemon can be much like that. .money can be to change your look, and buying new pokeballs and cures for poison.
Guild (or gangs can be created and joined. Kinda like a team rocket thing.) Main goal is to train your pokemon by fighting wild pokemon. you can challenge other people to a battle as well. there also be tournaments held every day.

Making a pokemon MMO.. not hard at all..
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Posted 2/11/10 , edited 2/12/10
i would soo play it, but i see a total lag fest

legendary should stay legendary though
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Posted 2/12/10 , edited 2/13/10
TBH, I wouldn't mind seeing a pokemon MMO.

Many games have pets. The one I am most familiar with is ffxi. Imagine summoners being pokemon trainers, and the rest sort of falls into place.

Pikachu would follow you around until you told him to attack. During battle, you have 1 standard technique that would fire. This would be a "normal" attack unless otherwise specified.

For the sake of keeping the tactical part of the game and some of the original concept, each pokemon could be assigned 4 skills at a pokemon center. You can learn all of their abilities and keep them still. But only 4 would be accessable during battle at any given time.

So, battle would play out something like this:

A wild pidgey appears!

I choose you! Pikachu!

(You select pikachu and send out from pokeball. Or your active pokemon could be out at all times following you, allowing some form of aggro. When selecting your target to attack, you then select 1 of the 4 techniques to be your default action.)

You set Pikachu to use Tackle.

Tackle can have stats like power, PP Cost, Attack speed, and an overall DPS figure. For the sake of fluentness, I would say that PP should be replaced by some sort of AP or stamina, which can be replenished over time outside of battle, or with items in battle. At any rate, by setting the default action as attacking with the "Tackle" Techinque, Pikachu will now attack pidgey with tackle unless you specify otherwise.

other ideas would be to also give pickachu the command to evade attacks or defend (to conserve energy). So, in this case, if you told pikachu to evade (speed type, would be better to evade than defend) (possibly add modifiers to how much each command would help certain types) , Pikachu would focus on dodging pidgey's attacks. While evading, you can then have pikachu use "Thundershock". Thundershock is a special and elemental attack, therefor would have a higher recast time and much higher power than "Tackle". Also a much higher cost towards AP or stamina or whatever.

So, pidgey being weak to "Thunder shock", it would be more efficient to have pikachu use 1 thundershock rather than 3 tackles to knock him out.

maybe I'm putting too much thought into this, but this could definitely work.

The issue would be the economy and making money. You could have skill trades like mining or gathering for raw materials, and then mechanists skill that allows the construction of pokeballs. Then Pharmacists that would make potions and such with herbs, or antidotes and such.

Possibly have a reputation gauge and then allow people to sell captured pokemon to team rocket.
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Posted 2/12/10 , edited 2/13/10
Pokemon should go die in a fire.

They have beat that series to death then reanimated the corpse and continued beating on it.

There is nothin new it has been the same shit over and over and over and over for the last what like 10 years now?
Posted 2/15/10 , edited 2/15/10
i agree with you all the way! pokemon should be in 3d! people would love that and so would i!
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Posted 2/15/10 , edited 2/16/10
What if Pokemon become an action mmo o.o? like in a battle with a trainer, you let out a pokemon, then the perspective switches to that pokemon o.o and then when you use a move, there is a brief charge period to give the trainer time to say the command, then the pokemon would use it... All battles could be like the anime where the items arent used during battle. the coolest part about this would be how nintendo would make all of the pokemon work in battle, like a flying pokemon using flight to their advantage to dodge attacks It would work really well like that. And if you were attacked by a wild pokemon it would essentially be the same, except that the other pokemon is a computer, and the area for battle doesnt have a ring out and is just the surrounding area
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