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Black Heart > Pt Two

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To read the first part of the 23 chapters, click here : D

With my verrryy first long story done after a year<3 YAY ACCOMPLISHED C:

** I would like to thank Vampire Diaries [Tvshow] for always inspiring <3
& certain songs to get me in the creative writing mood ;D
I had fun with this storrryyyyyy ♥ THANKS FOR READING. ♥

[ Master Plan pt 2 ]

I ran desperately to Christian’s side, looking back and forth at my cousins- temporally stopping the Vampire Hunters’ footing and making them falter mid-step. I’m sure they didn’t want to hurt a human like me.

I stood in front of the ones I loved, and felt really brave and foolish at the same time.

“Stop! They’re not the kind of vampire you think they are. . .”
I didn’t know what my cousins’ reactions to what I said would be, but right now that wasn’t the issue if they knew or not. I was alright with them being what they were. I even love Christian for it.

The one who could have been older shook his head as if in disappointment, “You defend them? They really have brainwashed you.”

That did it. “I’m not brainwashed! I choose to stay here!”

Christian sensed my trouble; and put his hand on my shoulder from behind, stepping forward. “You don’t have to fight for us, Eris… we can handle them. I just want you to be safe.”

The oldest one looked at Christian, and then to me. “If you come with us now, you’ll be safe from them.”

I knew that wasn’t an option. I was safe with them. I looked up at Christian and nodded halfly, I wanted to do something to make peace between them all. But I knew that was impossible.

Everyone stepped forward as if staying in this Mansion for so long wasn’t always such a leisurely, they fought for it too.

I looked at Christian’s back now, and the rest of my cousins’. Everything happened so quick. One moment the hunters charge along with my cousins for the battle, the next I wished I hadn’t seen with my human eyes. It was as if my eyes zoomed closer and closer, it made me wish I was born blind.

Why did I have to have perfectly clear vision?

Caden appeared in a speedy blur, thrust his hand into the youngest hunters’ chest, and pulled his heart out. He only managed his last gasp. The older one was next. But his fate was different, Caden twisted his neck around, and he immediately slumped to his death.

To see a human heart ripped out with my very own eyes, I could never forget the sight.

“That’s for my parents.” I couldn't make out a grin on his face, and that scared me.

I was so confused on what he had been planning all along. . . but I had a hunch.

[ Master Plan pt 3 ]

Here I try and make it look like I was the good guy, and it’s thrown in my face!

What’s with these idiots’ pride?

“We could have handled them ourselves!”

“Who asked you to come to our rescue!?”

Touchy, touchy.

The short time span I been with them I only remembered the male, Wes.
He was the pride of the group.
But the girls were just as annoying.

And Abigail glared at me the whole time. Her eyes never came off my face even when she ran to Eris. Followed by my brother.

“I-I think…. This was all part of his plan…setting the vampire hunters up, and with all of us together, he saves us, to make it look like he was the hero, so we could trust him. But… why would the vampire hunters trust a vampire? Her question was for my brother.

He looked over his shoulder and glared at me, and his arms wrapped around my women, preventing her to see the corpses.

“…He has the iniquity as a vampire to control one’s mind and bend it to his will… I guess the vampire hunters… weren’t as fully ‘equipped’ for that as I thought…” He looked at them with sympathy. Idiot.

But Eris was right, for the most part. And my parents were another part. I almost felt like clapping.

“I wouldn’t have done it your way. . . .” Christian mumbled, but all fell silent, an I could hear him perfectly like a song.

The cousins eyed me. I could tell they didn’t want me around Eris anymore. Or Christian for that matter.

“Of course you wouldn’t have. You wouldn’t either way.” I looked down at the corpses without a second though to what I’ve done.

“You might consider cleaning this mess up, ya know, someone might come along.”

I turned and started walking away while at the same time watching Eris’ eyes narrow around, trying, but failing at staring wide-eyed to the snow-white ground that made everything so much easier to see, and the moon light helped.

“Vengeance doesn’t create peace!” I heard him yell at my back, he must have stood up too.

Such a predictable thing I would hear come out of his mouth.

It didn’t matter either way, they knew I saved them. Whether they admit it or not. But I really didn’t care about them, all that mattered was Eris knowing at the back of her mind Christian could never protect her and keep her safe.

Nothing I’ve done so far had been for naught. I know somehow, someway, they effected her.

[ Proposition ]

It was only a matter of time before Christian comes for me and leaves Eris.

He can’t really stay away, after all.

Not after what happened. I’m sure; no positive, he is looking for me as we speak. He’s worried about my well being, knowing what his brother did to those hunters, and the thought crossing through his mind of what could happen to me.

His brother never liked me. So that doubles his worry.

But I think his proposition will serve us both well. I wasn’t such a fool to think the possibility of him double crossing me wasn’t to be expected.

It’s the monster of unexpectedness I’m talking about after all.

[ Sin of a Thought ]

Caden disappeared again, and I could tell something was on Christian's mind, something he wanted to ask his brother.

The same night I couldn’t get a wink of sleep. How could I? Not with everyone so... weird. And I had only one person to blame for that.

Of course, I made everyone all the more hostile right after. I didn’t have a choice. And now Christian’s gone.

“…I have to look for Remi… My brother is out there. There’s no telling what would happen.”

He said it the nicest way he could without hurting me.

I understood he wanted to protect more than just me. He also wanted to protect Remi. But was she even in danger? And who knew what happened to her after she ran after Caden that night?

I thought of the worst, but the worst quelled my jealousy.

It was a terrible way of thinking…

It wasn’t mine.

Was it…?

[ Protecting What’s Precious ]

It was the only way I knew.

It might not be the best approach, but soon, very soon, it’ll pay off. For the both of us.

Eris and I will get to be together again, and I can rest and finally get piece of mind knowing my brother is out of the picture.

My actions tonight will be very… un-like me, but it’s the only way I know.

People- or Vampires, do crazy things when they’re in love, after all.

I didn’t plan the unexpected run into Remi though, I wanted to ask her where she had been this whole time, what she had been doing. I was surprised and both happy she was alright, but I didn’t show it as much as I thought I would.

I had other things in mind.

“Christian! Where are you going?” I didn’t want to tell her my plans, so I walked past her and spoke softly,

“I’m glad you’re alright, Remi….” She hugged me from behind then, and we stood there in peaceful silence for a bit, until I remembered what I had to do for Eris.

“I… have to go. Please, do something for me… and go back to the Mansion. You’ll be safe there… everyone will now.” She looked at me as if trying to make something out of the last three words I spoke to her.

“What…are you-” I said nothing to her but left her without a word. I only hoped she would listen to what I said…

[ Determination ]

I couldn’t do it after all. So I let Christian go. The plan had been to lure Christian here, anywhere, where I was. And for Caden to get his way.

I felt worry gnawing deep down inside of me, worry for what Christian was planning on doing. I felt so selfish before… selfish because all I wanted was Christian to myself, I didn’t care of what happened to that girl.

I don’t want to admit it, because it hurts, but he loves her. I can tell what he is about to do tonight is proof of that.

But Eris isn’t the only girl who loves him… I’ve loved him too, even now, I still do.

I’ve never seen such determination in his eyes though, I knew I couldn’t stop what he was about to do.

[ Hate and Love ]

I felt like a man on a death march, there wasn’t anything to be done to change my mind.

I knew he would appear before me. So I didn’t have to wait long when he did.

He appeared behind a tree, showing himself in the moonlight.

And that damn smirk I grew to detest all these years. “It seems as though you have something on your mind… brother.”

He was right about that. “Leave this place. And don’t ever come back,” I demanded firmly, of course knowing it wouldn’t be that easy. That’s why I had something else planned under my sleeve.

He scoffed. “You can’t tell me what to do. I’ll do as I please.” He almost sounded as if he believed that.

“Oh no, no you won’t.” I spat, I was sure he could tell how serious I was. I wouldn’t let him get away with even touching Eris, let alone biting her.

“YOU BIT HER!” I shouted out uncontrollably, and there wasn’t a hint of intimidation on his face.

“It’s not like I turned her. I didn’t force her to drink my blood, did I? So relax,” He said smugly, his carelessness disgusted me greatly.

That’s when I pulled a knife from one of my sleeves, holding it up before myself.

He laughed out loud abruptly in sarcasm. “Scary!”

It seemed all the anger inside of me revolved around these three said words,

“I hate you.”

He just smiled. “Love you too, Christian.”

The feeling of having an older brother was long forgotten, the friendship and care we shared for each other only seemed like a fairy tale to me now.

So why did I feel…sadness?

[ Satisfaction? ]


I couldn’t let anything stop me...

And that’s when I sped like a bullet toward him and stabbed him in the gut head on. Lucky for him, I didn’t lace the knife with anything that could possibly harm -or kill- a vampire, I wanted him to take my warning seriously and stay away.

“That’s what I think of your ‘love’ brother…” And I used the term loosely; I’d seen expressions on his face I’d never seen before.

Pain. Surprise. Fear? It was all so new.

I twisted the knife inside of him a bit; I thought it was an okay thing to do, torture him that is. He deserved it after all these years. Maybe now he’ll regret the choices he made in the past, the humans he’d killed...

He couldn’t speak with the knife in him, and I sure didn’t let him.

But he still managed to smile. What was wrong with him? Did he enjoy his own pain or something?

I pulled the knife out of his forcefully without restraint, keeping my expression tough.

He put his hand over his wound, seemingly not bothered by it. A simple knife wound wouldn’t kill him, I knew that all too well.
“Tell me you’ll leave and never come back, Caden!” I demanded in an icy voice.

“…Heh…” He chuckled weakly, staring me absorbedly dead on. I felt like he was transferring me a wave of memories of our past, and they came through for a split moment.

“…I can’t believe you’d stab be. Your own brother…” He shook his head disappointingly, which was just mock. “What kind of monster are you?” his words echoed in my head like a throbbing headache, I would never become what he was!

ME? You’re the monster!” Every part of me was so furious with him, I’ve never been like this ever. I’ve never been in love before until meeting Eris as well...

He replied to me with a humorous grin, “So why don’t you finish me off…? Kill me if you can. Stab me as how many times you want. Whatever it takes to kill your own brother.”

I didn’t say a word, but I knew as many times I would stab him, his body would just heal itself.

“Sorry, I didn’t bring my stake.”

He laughed at my comment, rubbing the place that used to have a knife wound, it was healed before my eyes.

“…So violent…” He murmured darkly.

As we stared each other on some more, I pondered a few things... Why was he letting me do this? He wasn’t even trying to fight back.

He sighed and seemed to have gave in, throwing his arms up in the air. “Alright, fine. You win. I’ll leave you and your Princess with your happily ever after.”

“…” I didn’t know what to say.

“You heard correctly,” He whispered, his face masked from the truth all along. He continued, “And I know if you ever see my face again, you’ll kill me the next time we cross paths, right?”

The knife in my closed fist trembled, I was gripping on it so hard I would think my hand would start oozing red. He stepped closer, and I braced myself for the unexpected.

As he only simply passed me with a pat on the shoulder, offering these words, “I wanted to see this violent side of yours. And now that I have, I don’t have any doubts now that you’re truly my brother. Maybe once upon a time there will be a day where we meet again if we ever happen to be on better terms, but I rather not.”

He was the only reason I had to resort to violence, I knew that night would be the last.

So I let him go.
Almost not believing that the cherished time I spent with Eris was almost coming to its final chapter.

[ Memories ]

Christian came to me as of late.

And managed to find Remi after all.

He seemed so relieved to see me though, he told me how much he missed me.
That made me happy for whatever reason.

I don’t know why, but I kind of felt like we can be together forever now.

Silly, huh? It’s as if before I didn’t feel that way, but I’m leaving this mansion soon.
Today, my family and all my cousins spent the day together.

Iris was unusually chatty, she told me she’d become good friends with Dorothy. I spent so much time in my own world with Christian that I had no idea what was going on with my own sister.

I would have thought my cousins would still be a little weird after the whole Vampire Hunter incident, but I was happy it was just over and they were safe again.

I had almost forgotten what I wanted at the beginning of this trip- to prove to Iris vampires were the real deal, kind of funny now how my minds changed.

Remi stayed at the Mansion for a short bit, then left. Supposedly she had her own home.

So here we all are at the big dinner table, enjoying each others company and making memories on the second to last day of my stay here.

[ Crack in our Forevermore ]

Tears seemed to have been the trademark today, and I desired to stay here with Christian more than ever.

Or for him to come with me, I don’t know why my question seemed to have surprised him. But the mansion was the only thing that was his home, wasn’t it? I didn’t want to take him away from it all.

“Yeah, I think it can work out now, Eris...” The words should made me jump around in joy, but it didn’t. It just didn’t feel right taking him away just for my needs.

“You don’t have to because of me, If I’m forcing you to leave-”
He shook his head and touched my hot cheek.

“No, I want to, for you. For us. Forevermore, remember?”

I looked up at him sadly, he smiled me, at that moment we both remembered our tree.

We were in the airport with all of my cousins, Iris, and my Mom and Dad. The airplane back for America was to arrive at 8. We came early to say good-bye, it was 6.

It didn’t feel real, just being here already. But I already had another life in America I had to come back to.

But. . .

Something about today made me feel uneasy, of course, it was natural. But it was different kind of unease. I felt like everything would suddenly end, and that terrified me beyond words.

Would my parents just let Christian come with us? LIVE with us?

And there was the fact he was a Vampire. How would he fit in? It would be hard for him.

An hour passed with my thoughts, I awoke next to Christian’s chest. We had both fallen asleep on our seats.

“Hey, Christian. I’ll be right back okay?” I lifted my head off his chest, smiling at how at peace he looked with his eyes closed. I imagined me waking up next to him to last forevermore, too.

He nodded his head in his sleep, and I quietly walked away.

I made my way through the crowed airport, needing some time alone to think things over.

I was still so confused, and only had an hour left...

Can I really live without Christian now?

There was but one place I needed to see before I left for good.

I had so much nerves as I made my way back to see the mansion for one last time.

All was silent, almost too quite. I sighed, taking in the surroundings I knew I would never forget in my life. The tree Christian had etched with our names was to the east, the bench I remember us sitting on and watching the snow fall was before me too.

I looked up at the huge black mansion, letting the memories trigger more tears. “Good-bye. . .” I whispered, beginning to turn around, but then everything else happened like a flash of colors.

A cold hand came over my mouth, and I had a sudden knowing our forevermore was over.

[ Revelation ]

It was no use screaming for help, for my screams were muffled.

He brought me behind the mansion, out of sight, and pushed me ahead of him. I stumbled at first, just to turn back around and realize that uneasy feeling was him all along.

“You….” I whispered discreetly, frowning. Looking at him now all I could see a flashback of when he pulled that vampire hunters’ heart out.

He drew closer. “Forevermore,” He scoffed, “Christian really shouldn’t say such things unless he really means it.” He said tauntingly.

I looked at him arduously. “What…? How do you know about-”

“The tree.”

I shivered, as if a cold wind passed through my bones. There was no wind. Every time he stepped closer, I stepped back, trying to think of some way to escape. But something told me I was screwed right now. Why did I have to come back here?

“It’s really funny actually, of all places you choose the mansion.”

I didn’t know what he meant by that, and I didn’t stick around to find out. I bound around the mansion and ran the fasted I could, but a vampires speed couldn’t compare to one of a humans.

I ran into him, falling behind onto the ground. When I opened my eyes his face was only millimeters from mine, staring with full force into my eyes.

“You chose a memorable spot, I couldn’t have done it better myself.”

I winced at his words, feeling my head throb, invaded, confused, like someone was picking out my own memories, like they were a berry tree.

And then the words came that finalized everything.

“I want you to forget Christian. Everything about him... oh, and for all you know you’ve just met me and fell deeply in love with me. Forever, you won’t let anyone else but me into your thoughts.” And just like that, it was done.

“…Who?...” I asked, my single word hung in the air and after a second or two, I heard a chuckle.


He stood up and I watched his every moment, noticing how good-looking he was.

He offered me his hand and I took it, blushing, noticing many new things about him; he was taller than I.

“We’re going to run away together now Eris, soon, I’ll turn you- but not quite yet. I still love your humanity.”

I listened to him talk and became infatuated with his voice.


He took my hand then, and the two of us disappeared together.

[ Broken Whisper ]

It was almost time to go, and Eris was nowhere to be seen.

I spotted Christian on one of the seats beginning to wake up and look around, confused.

I walked over to him, just as confused as he was. “Christian, where’s Eris?” I asked, worried and irritated at the same time.

He looked at a loss for words, and it took him moments to reply. “I…don’t know. I had thought she was going to the rest room…” He shook his head to as if clear it, it looked as though he might have known where she was. He would know better than anyone.

“Do you know where she is…?” I asked.

He looked at me uncertain. “…Maybe.” His word was a broken whisper. “I’ll be back, wait here.”

He rised and was about to leave, but I grabbed his shoulder before he could.

“Wait! I’m coming with you. She’s my sister…”

He looked at me for a long moment, and nodded. It wasn’t like Eris to just disappear like this, especially knowing we were to be leaving. Maybe that’s why she ran away? She didn’t want to leave this place. I know that because of Christian.

We decided to spread out and look for Eris around the Mansion to cover more ground, where else would she run off too?

[ Gone ]

I looked everywhere for her.

I was lucky enough to find her foot prints after a while, -and someone elses’- I followed them, they seemed fresh, new. But it didn’t help. They suddenly disappeared and I was left standing motionless in one idle spot, looking up into the sky wondering to myself what could have happened to my love.

I was so confused and angry at myself. Maybe if I hadn’t made her think so much about us she wouldn’t have left…

We both wanted the same thing, a forevermore.

But she was uncertain what would happen after she leaves, she considered my feelings. I didn’t care anymore- I wanted to be with her. I would make it in any way possible even if her parents disagreed on me going with her, even if the ground were to split us apart, I would reach my hand over to her side, just to be with her.

I thought a lot about our tree. A lot about everything. The first day we met at the airport… and now.

The tree still had our names carved in, but all they brought me now was a sharp pain. I was torturing myself now by looking at it.
I kneeled down next to our tree, pounding an angry fist into the snow. Cursing myself.

“Hey, Christian. I’ll be right back okay?”

Why couldn’t I see what was behind those words?

If that were to be the last I hear her words, her voice, then I might as well grab a stake to end my misery.

“Eris….” I shot my head up again, looking up into the depths of the sky. “Where are you….?”

It would start snowing again, I was sure of it...

[ Cold Little Boy ]

Caden and I visited a lot of towns along the way, really far away from where we first met, that mansion... I wasn’t sure of our true destination yet, but wherever we were going, just being together was enough for me.

Most of the towns were small, low-populated, and the people looked on the verge of death for some reason. While we were passing through one of them, I saw a little boy huddled in a corner outside of a pub. He hugged his knees and buried his face in his hands. His clothes were that of a peasant, his garment was torn all around, and I kept wondering to myself where his parents were.

Everyone walked around dragging their feet, they didn’t give any contact when we passed by, but just continued to stare at the ground. It was as if they were zombies... already dead.

Beside me, I looped my arm through Caden’s, hugging it tightly at the sad sight of everyone. “...W-why are they all like this? What happened to them...? Isn’t there anything we can do-”

I gazed up at him to see his expression, it wasn’t one of sympathy, but he just looked on ahead, as if looking through the people and not even seeing them.

“There’s nothing we can do here. This is their fate, and we just happened to be passing by it....”

I frowned, looking down. I must have never been exposed to the cruelty of the world like this, but whenever I tried to think of it, my thoughts would only let Caden in.

We went into the pub that the little boy was near, and Caden ended up drinking... a lot. I couldn’t even keep count at how many drinks he had, nor did I want to. He conversated with the bartender there, forgetting I was even sitting next to him. I slipped away and he didn't even notice, I wanted to see that boy again...

Outside, night had already fallen. I found the boy at the same exact spot as before, right next to the pub. He looked so cold just sitting there, shivering in the winter cold, his shoulders convulsing.

This time, I heard his sobs as I neared closer to him.

I squatted next to him, his sight was just too much to bear. I didn’t know exactly what to say. “Why are you all alone little boy...? Where are your parents?” There was an inevitable crack in my voice, and I felt my heart drop when he lifted his head slowly off his shoulders.

Just by looking into those eyes of his I could see his starvation, the horrible nights he’d spent outside in the cold, the tears he’d shed.

His lips quivered as he tried to utter words, and when he finally was able to bring them out, they were nothing but a pained whisper.

“T-t-they. . . w-were. . . k-k-killed. . .”

Before I could say or do anything in response, he trembled and said, “...T-they were killed by... Vam-”

Instantly, I wrapped my arms tightly around his shivering cold body, silencing the words that he pained to utter. His head rested on my shoulder, and I couldn’t believe how cold he really was against my own body.

I regretted having him bring back such painful memories.

He began to inconsolably cry as I held him tighter, repeating myself over and over again in my hopeless tone, “It’s going to be okay... everything’s going to be okay...”

Behind us, I could smell the booze that made my noise sting.

[ Angry ]

We were inside the pub, I was forced to part from the cold little boy. Caden and I sat on the stools next to each other, the bartender behind the counter waking over to us. There was but two or three more people in the pub, they drank their cares away, mumbling incoherent things in the background.

“I... I don’t understand what was so wrong with holding him... he was so cold....and I-” I choked on my own words, confused about what emotion I should be feeling at the moment.

Caden waved the bartender away when he offered a drink, always keeping his eyes on me.

The bartender put the drink away and picked up one of the many glasses on the counter, cleaning it with a washcloth in a circular motion. He pretended to not watch us from the corner of his eye, which made me all the more uncomfortable.

“There isn’t anything wrong with what you were doing. But I don’t want you to get attached to it.”


My hands in my lap moved around nervously, debating how I should react to what he said. Should I be angry? It would feel like a foreign emotion with him...because all I have for him is my undying love.

Before I could say anything, the bartender spoke out, eying both of us. “If your talking about that youngin’ outside the pub, he’s been there for a while now, ever since this one blood sucker who looked just as human as you, decided to feast upon our small town, he destroyed more than just that little boys family... in a town like this, there wasn’t nothin’ we could do... not against a blood sucker. We’re all still shamefaced about it. But everyone’s too scared to even look that boy in the eye.”

I thought that was so terrible, but I wasn’t scared of the blood sucker he mentioned, I knew with Caden around, he would keep me safe always. Fretting upon no one looking the boy in the eyes, I asked, “So how did the little boy survive the blood sucker...?”

The bartender didn’t answer at first, and I could tell that meant something. He turned, reaching up to his cabinet to place his clean glass in with the others. He shrugged indifferently from behind us. “Who knows. Maybe he was lucky. Maybe the vampire decided to leave him alive to suffer. But whatever the reason, this town ain’t safe for travelers anymore. You should leave while you still can...” He looked over his shoulder in warning for a split second, then looked forward again.

Caden didn’t seem fazed by any of this, he looked at the bartender with nothing in his eyes, and for some reason, my heart found no wrong with that.

“Eris, we should heed his warning and go now.” His words took me by surprise, and I felt something building up inside of me... anger.

I knew he could see the anger in my face, and when I looked back up to meet his eyes, my gaze held a plea. “I-I want to help him... I want to do something for that boy first...before we leave, please?”

I felt my open hands on my lap transform into closed fists, staring down at them.

“Your angry at me.” It wasn’t a question, but a statement.

I was angry.

And when his hand reached to gently touch my cheek as he scooted closer, I could feel the smile coming back, I could feel the unwanted anger melting away. I didn’t need that, not when I was so in love with him.

He said he would do something for the boy, for me. His gaze was was deep when he said it, and sincere. I knew he would do something for him. He commanded me to wait inside the pub until he was done, and that’s exactly what I done.

[ Fire Girl ]

Why didn’t I just brain wash her to not give a damn about some needy, sad little kid? It would have been easier. And I wouldn’t have to be walking around in the middle of the night, looking for him.

He seems to have migrated from his usual location outside of the pub, which was more convenient for me, I knew Eris wouldn’t have disobeyed my orders when I used my compulsion on her, and even if the bartender or some bystanders were to pass by, they wouldn’t even care to look our way.

Not even if my hands were to curl around the twerp’s neck, they would carry on with their pitiful lives that hung on a loose thread.

I didn’t find the kid behind any houses like I thought I would, huddling in a corner or something. I wounded in the outskirts of town, following a trail to a small clearing in the distance. I had a feeling he would be there... I could smell his kind in the air.

There was a small cottage house with logs in front of it, an axe embedded in one. A fire had been started in the middle, loftily setting higher, when I walked closer to it, I looked at a figure appear from behind the cottage, carrying small and big sticks in both her arms, her figure was petite, like Eris'.

Seemingly not startled by my sudden appearance, she walked toward the fire, bending down to throw in the sticks. The firelight made her features illuminate with mystery, which I grinned upon.

A log crackled in the fire, sending small sparks up to the sky as the girl looked up from the fire, staring at me with dark black eyes that reflected the firelight.

“Hi there! Do you have nowhere else to go too? I can take care of you too, I built this cottage here with my parents... before they decided to leave for a little while.” She looked up briefly at the sky, a brief smile as well, falling into a frown.

The enthusiastic way she spoke was kind of amusing, I liked her.

[ Feeding Time ]

“Oh?” I looked around the small clearing, as if impressed by her. “So, you take care of people you say?”

“That’s right.” She nodded, voice caring.

“Seen a little kid around?”

She was fast to reply. “I see them all the time, it’s really sad-” I stopped her before she could trail off into a pointless human story I wouldn’t care about.

“No. A certain one. Hangs out in a corner in front of the pub, or used to.”

Something in her features changed, she sent a troubled glance past her shoulder at the cottage. “Oh, yes, him... he’s inside. I’ve only just met him... I was going out for some shopping, and noticed him... but I don’t think there’s much I can do, he doesn’t talk to me, he doesn’t look at me, he just sits in a corner on the flat bed, staring at his trembling hands.” She closed her eyes then, sighing as if beating herself up as she sat on one of the logs around the fire.

I took a seat by her, at close view, I noticed her perfect white skin, and how tasty she would be.

“I just wish there was something I could more for him... I try feeding him, but he barely eats anything, maybe a bite or two. But that’s it. I’m just one person...sometimes I think all my efforts are being wasted away, and no matter what I can do, it won’t be enough... Sometimes I just like to sit here, like this, staring at the fire I was surprisingly able to make with my own talents, because of dad...” She mused, looking up at the sky again, tilting her head my way.

She was a chatter, and as I watched the different expressions from all her stories, I got even more hungry, and at some point she finally stood, smiling at me with her eyes closed and her hands behind her back. “So, Caden, was it? Do you need a place to stay?”

I got up after her, she was short to my chest, like Eris, her eyes slowly worked themselves up to meet my eyes.

“Actually, Luty...”

Another kids parents who were victim to that vampire the bartender was talking about, she spoke so bravely about it, not a cracked voice, not a tear in sight. But humans were especially good with keeping it all deep down inside.

“I’m hungry.”

“I have stew! I made it for him, but... I think he’s fallen asleep by now. Would you like to come inside? Just promise me something first!”

“And what would that be?” I smiled at her proposal, she smiled back and put her finger to her mouth, whispering as her eyes closed and her smile stayed,

“Don’t make too much noise if he’s asleep, please...”

I nodded, grinning as she shyly grabbed my wrist and led me inside.

Who was I to refuse her invitation? She was just too adorable.

[ A Favor ]

“Well, why are you just standing there? Come on in,”

A vampire had to be invited into ones residence before actually stepping foot in it, and when I received permission to do so, we approached the boy first.

To my left, there was a small table under a window that shed some of the moon light, a bowl with steaming stew laying there, un-attended to.

Luty crouched down next to the boy, her back to me as she tried to comfort him with her kind words. “Hey there, how are you doing?” She adjusted the blanket around him, lifting it higher up his back so he would be warm. He stayed still like a statue.

“I thought you would be asleep by now... are you tired yet? You’re alright with falling asleep in this position? You can lie down on the flat bed right under you, you know.”

I didn’t understand why she bothered to communicate with him, it would be a little sad to watch this if I had a heart.

“Why do you try to comfort him?” The words hung in the air for a while before she looked over her shoulder, giving me a melancholy smile.

“I-I want his last moments to be memorable...” She turned her attention to the boy again, dropping her head and mumbling, “I just want...”

She was so whiny. I walked over to her as she silently cried, kneeling beside her as the boy still remained immobile.

“Ever just thought of putting him out of his misery?” It seemed like such a simple tactic for me.
Her head remained down and she was at a loss for words, I thought I’d seen the boys arm twitch in the corner of my eye, he seemed to have not been deaf after all.

“K-kill m-me...! Please...!” His voice was as silent as a breath, making Luty jolt up and crease her eyebrows in perpetual worry.

The boys eyes were as wide as could be, prominent with despair.

And then a devious thought occurred to me.

[ Like Ants to a Fire ]

During Caden's absence, I found myself smiling at the thought of him. And only him. I could still feel his touch embrace my cheek, I lifted my hand and touched it, completely closing off the world around me.

I didn't take notice of the bartender looking my way, until he spoke.

“You okay...?” He leaned against the counter, as if trying to figure out what I was lost in thought about.

I looked at him with a smile, he didn't look convinced in the least, by that confused look on his face.


I didn't even hear him.

My body seemed to have been there, but not my soul. It would have been somewhere with Caden.

Everyone else in the world seemed insignificant; like ants to a fire, they didn't really play a significant part in the world that revolved around only Caden and I.

Their pitiful ant hill would get stomped on without a care, they would try to rebuild, but it would always be a futile effort.

[ His Memorable Moment ]

Why did I invite him in...? How foolish could I be? I couldn't see through Caden's feigned demeanor, who he really was, a sick blood-sucking monster...

And I trusted him.

The scared little boy I once knew was gone, and through his screams of pain, his innocence was taken away just like that, I wanted to shield my eyes, ears, from witnessing anything that transpired tonight, but that didn't happen.

I didn't know what to do with myself as I stared at this small body that lie on the floor, breathing labored breaths. Suffering.

I became paralyzed to even move my legs, run away, or even speak a word. I could only shake, staring horrified at the blood free fall down Caden's mouth.

“What’s the matter, Luty? Cat got your tongue?”

I remembered when I first met him, how easily I was tricked, I despised him. Just like I despised the vampires who killed my parents. Maybe more. And I despised myself. I would never reach that dream of mine; I would never avenge my loving parents... and the reason was me.

“He’s hungry, Luty. Please sit tight there and make his first meal a happy one, and... memorable.

[ Tomorrow Night... ]

I left that star-crossed place with Eris, before speaking a few words to the bartender.

“Have a good night, sir...”

I was sure my pet would still be hungry after Luty, my little prodigy... that town would be wiped out in no time.

Sweet little Eris was all smiles when I came back for her, of course, it was all thanks to my mind control.

I took her to a place I was familiar with.

“A castle?” She murmured beside me in wonderment, glancing at the draw bridge.

I stepped in front of her and looked up at it. “I want you to meet a few people, Eris.”

I turned to face her, smiling delightfully as I had planned to make her rightfully mine tomorrow night.

[ Two Disappearances ]

Ever since my sisters disappearance... it had felt like the whole world around us turned black, dread was in every face I looked at, and prolonging our stay, in the place where Eris disappeared, was just unbearable. But we weren't going to leave, not without Eris.

Hours prior to her missing, I would get an odd feeling looking at my cousins, I didn't know what it was. Did they know more than they were letting on? Somehow, from the start I knew there was a secret among them. Something just didn't feel right after Eris was gone.

I pressed them to tell me everything they knew. Or better yet, what they didn't mention.

It was my sisters life that was at stake. I knew the truth couldn't be hidden too long, so they decided to inform me. Vampires. I couldn't believe it, but at the same time I did. This was what Eris always talked about... wasn't it? Her obsession lead her to this... abduction.

“I’m almost positive it was Christians brother. That man who stayed with us a while ago,” one of my cousins, Abigail, once said. She was angry, and I've never seen her so angry. She was close to Eris, as well.

“But there’s just one problem that remains... Christian.” Wes had added.

Christian, had also disappeared the night Eris did.

[ A Won War ]

He was definitely on edge.

He scared me now... the gentle Christian I knew was long gone. His hate transformed him.

Ever since he appeared at my door, I knew the worst was yet to come. He told me everything. How Eris went missing after Caden promised to leave them be, and how she went missing the day she should have went back home.

I was a little surprised he would come to me first... he had said he couldn't face Eris' cousins or parents after what happened... he felt so guilty. I could see it in his face.

He kept beating himself up about it, I hated seeing him like this. He was hurt. And I knew the only way to help him was to find Eris. He loved her so much... it showed. But he had no lead to where she might have even gone, he couldn’t sense her anymore.

He would let his emotions sway his actions, and he would take out his frustrations on the closest person to him...


I was okay with it. He realized what he was doing after a while, and stopped.

Once, I told him I wasn’t afraid of this person he’d became. He told me to stay away from him for my own protection, but I couldn’t just abandon him. I promised to stay with him through all of this.

And when I told him everything would be alright, he grabbed my shoulders and pinned me to the wall and screamed out, “Nothing will be alright! Just stay away from me, Remi!”

I just smiled at him weakly, as he released my shoulders and mumbled out an apology, his head leaning against my shoulder.

He even punished himself for his outburst that night.

But I began to think more and more about it, what he’d said to me after.

“All this time... it had been a war between us.” He had said, but I couldn’t hear anger in his voice, just a certain sadness that tugged at my heart.

“A war?”

“Between my brother and I... over Eris.”

I frowned at him, and I could see it in his eyes and hear it in his voice that his next words broke his heart.

“And... he’d won it.”

[ Warning: This chapter contains things probably not suitable for younger children! o_o]

[ Taboo ]

The next thing I did was open my eyes, I was on a bed. A pillow under my head just right, I stared up at the ceiling. Ceiling...? When did I...

And then I remember feeling sensations... lips brushing against my neck, kisses planting against my smooth skin, my pulse quickened, and my heart pounded with each lingering touch.

Even now, I couldn’t stop my pounding heart beat. I began to sweat, breathing rather heavily.

Slowly, but surely, a backlash of memories played quickly through my mind.

It wasn’t Christian’s bed. It wasn’t who I made love it, who I became one with.

And then I felt it, fingers playing around in my hair, twisting it and pulling.

“Mm, Eris, dear. . .”

I was stunned to silence. I couldn’t move.

The voice...

I knew if I turned my head, to see his face... I would just loose it.

His hand traveled down from my hair to my face, feeling my hot face, then traveling down to feel my pulse. “...I wonder...” I could feel his breath against my ear, and then his lips brushed against it, nibbling on my ear playfully.

I rejected every touch, every feeling, this wasn’t my reality.

This wasn’t real.

Lying to my heart, I tugged strongly at the blanket which concealed my naked body, not wanting to believe any of what I felt was true.

“...What would Christian think about this?”

That was taboo...just the mention of his name... was enough to get me back to my senses. But before I could make my escape off the bed, his hand lay across my chest, holding me down as he tugged the other side of the bed sheath.

I already knew I was too tired and weak to fight back...

[ His Final Words ]

To my surprise and relief, nothing happened after that. He just... stayed there. As did I.

moments later, I found Caden's face smooth into genuine sleep.

He still held me down though, somehow. I didn't truly believe he had fallen asleep at all...

His sleeping face was so innocent, but I knew all too well not to let myself be fooled. I've done a terrible thing, such as sleeping with the enemy.... and there was no going back...

“Was this... really worth it...? Do you hate you're brother so much to use me like this?” I asked with a vulnerably small voice, tears threatening to come forth. But I couldn't cry. Not now.

No reply from him.

I tried again.

“I know your not really asleep, so stop the act... the least you could do is tell me why you did all this. Brainwashing me... everything...”

His sleeping face remained gentle, and the sunlight from the window shined a line across his face.

He was nothing but a monster in beautiful sunlight...

I remembered nothing of when I was with him.

But somehow I had the feeling if I did remember, I would just hate him all the more.

That's right, since the beginning I've always hated Caden. And always loved Christian. That's the way it's always been, that's the way it made sense.

But nothing seemed to stay the way it should me, and it was all because of last night. Maybe... just maybe, there remained a longing fragment of which still loved Caden while I was under his influence, that refused to let me get out of the bed.

I didn't understand my emotions at all anymore. I didn't understand anything anymore. Everything seemed so complicated.

Giving in, I let my eyes close as I felt the moisture in my eyes.

And then they fluttered right back open. He mumbled something...

“...It’s because I love you too,”

Surely he was joking. A BAD joke. Surely he was only trying to anger me more. And it worked.

He released his hold from me, taking a lock of my hair and bringing it to his lips, kissing it. “That brother of mine just isn’t good enough for you.” he looked up at me with half lidded eyes, searching for my expression.

My expression turned beyond angry. I was furious. “...Not good enough...?”

I pushed him back with all the strength I could muster, he simply rolled to the other side of bed, amused in his fits of laughter.

I really hated him.

I looked around and found my clothes somewhere laying on the floor, once I was dressed, I sprinted for the door without giving the animal a backward glance, I began to turn the knob..

“...I hate you! I always did! I’ll ALWAYS love Christian, no matter what...!”

For some reason, my hand froze on the knob. What was I... waiting for? His answer? I didn't care about his opinion!

“So did you realize this love of yours before or after you slept with me?”

I tried to ignore him the best I could, but he knew just the right words to strike at my nerves.

My only goal was to leave. Right away.

I walked out of the room in silence, bemusedly thinking to myself about all the negative things.

After making my escape, I heard his final words through the closed door, “If you think things will be the same, you're wrong. Things will never be the same.”

[ Everything Changes ]

My mind was a wreck, I didn’t know what to think. I never felt so many emotions in my life; and they were all bad ones.

Unbeknowest to me, I began believing he would forgive me. Because he still loved me... if he still did. But then another part, which was the guilt part, came to think forgiveness wasn’t an option in this situation. I’ve committed a sin, and all of the sins, it had to be Christian’s brother.

But... I had no control over myself! I was brainwashed and I felt my sanity and my soul watching over my body, unable to do anything.

Unable to live with the guilt, I needed to speak of nothing but the truth.

And I’d hoped that would be enough to cradle this Forevermore.

I ran as far as my legs could take me, having really no direction to where I was going. I was completely lost and unfamiliar with the area I had been abducted to. I felt so hopeless and scared, but no matter how many times I would trip and fall over something, no matter how cold my feet were, I ran until I finally saw it; a small cottage house in a clearing.

It had to be fate that brought me there. He had to be there...

Nerves haywire, upon turning the door knob with a shaking arm, before thinking of what to say to him when I saw him face, before my tears slid down my cheeks, I regretted ever coming.

He was in bed with Remi.

[ Moments of Humanity ]

I felt like jumping off a cliff that very moment.

I could could only stumble backward, and break into a run, going, anywhere. I just couldn’t believe it. What was wrong with us?!

“E-Eris! Wait...! It wasn’t what it looked like! Just let me explain!”

I couldn’t believe my ears!

I’d sprinted past a lot of trees, it felt as if I ran forever because I kept seeing the same trees. And then I completely broke apart and fell to my knees, crying out of my mind.

“I...I didn’t want this! But Christian... he truly believed you were gone. I wanted to make him feel better!”

I didn’t speak a word, the world around me was falling apart. And that’s when I felt Remi touch my shoulder, “Eris-”


Tears still trickled down my cheeks, and I knew I looked like hell right now. But I couldn’t stop the shaking... I couldn’t stop my heart from pounding at the sight of him walking toward us.


Instantly at the spot, I remembered so many happy times as I stumbled back and bumped into a tree.

“Who are you...?” I remembered his freezing hand shake.

“I-I’m not... accustomed to strangers kissing my hand like that...” But I was turning pink.

And then I remembered the memory where we would always sit at the bench during Winter, cuddling next to each other and keeping warm and talking endlessly.

He once told me; “I’m sorry, Eris… I…swear I’ll protect you while you’re here.” It was because of Caden that he needed to protect me in the first place. But I believed his word, and he’d lied.

Now, I was anything but protected. Still crying, I clutched my head and closed my eyes from his sight, “Why. . .”

I felt his strong arms trying to hold me down, I was loosing myself in the memories.

“Eris, the tree is missing you’re name.”

That flashback tore through me.

“Christian & Eris.”


I felt a few more violent shakes and yells, but neither of them reached me.

Until, for a mere moment, I felt all the pain in my heart begone, and then stronger pain came.

My neck ached so bad; for a second time.

But it was the kind of pain I waited for. This was what I wanted after all, to be together forever with him, like this.

[ Smile ]

The cherry blossom petals from the trees soared through the wind, freely and beautifully. I found myself staring up at the clear blue skies everyday, I hadn’t thanked God enough for this smile on my face right now.

My sister and I were at the entrance ceremony for our current school year, she was in her last, I was a grade behind her. A full year had passed, the previous events last year during Winter Vacation, were a real blur. I only remembered seeing my cousins faces, and then I was back home.

From what my memories led me to remember, my cousins were nice people. I was sad to go.

And when I came back home; I was ecstatic to brag to my friends about how I really met my vampire cousins, and they could tell by the look on my face back then that I wasn't bluffing. I proved them wrong; and Iris. And now all that's left is to continue my journey through finishing high school. I couldn't wait for the moment to graduate... it will be a very happy day.

“Eris? Hey, stop day dreaming so much! You’re the same as always, I see...”

Iris nudged me, and pointed at the bulletin board in front of me that listed the classes of each students. I was in a class with my friends!

“Yes!” I cheerfully yelled, and Iris just shook her head and smiled.

But something about all of this, felt so nostalgic to me... I was always a day dreamer, wasn't I? I loved to dream of fairy tale endings, I dreamed of meeting a guy who would sweep me off my feet, but I had a lot of years for that to happen.

Who knows... maybe this year will be my lucky one?

My friends found me momentarily and I waved bye to my sister, walking away with my friends to see what awaited us in our lives.

Iris stood next to one of her friends near the bulletin board, while some of the crowd were away to class early. She tucked a strand of flying hair back behind her ear, the warm wind had picked up. But it was a nice feeling. She folded her arms then and looked up into the sky.

“Something on your mind Iris?” her friend had asked, Iris still looked up.

“Oh, it’s nothing. I’m just thinking about stuff. My sister is growing up so fast...”

Her friend looked at her strangely, Iris wasn't the one to praise her sister in any way. What had changed?

“Even if she’s turned, she still won’t forget the pain I caused her! And I... I can’t believe I stole her humanity...! I was so selfish...”

“It’s not your fault! You were only thinking of helping her pain! Isn’t there more we can do for her!? Christian you have to help my sister in another way!”

“I know, Iris. I will... I care for her well being and happiness more than anything now... and I want her life to be as normal as possible. I don’t want any suffering...I love her so much... and I will never forget her. Even though she’ll forget about me.”

That was the deal. I'd never tell Eris what really happened, how Christian had to find his brother and have him brainwash her again to forget the pain, the memories with him, all of it. All for her happiness.

But the life she would be living would be for eternity, and he couldn't accept forgiveness for his selfish act.

He wanted her far far away, somewhere with familiar loving faces, and with friends, and with a bright and long future. And if one day her love had been so strong, so deep, that she would remember him, than let it be so. If it was true love, she would smile because of the memories, not cry.

And Iris knew for sure, every time Eris looked up into the sky, she wasn't daydreaming, she was thinking of Christian with a smile on her face.

[ The End ]
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Vengeance is a NO NO!
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loool comeonnnn Dx
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