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“Heechul, please?”
“I said no!”
Eeteuk pouted and showed off his little puppy dog eyes. Today was his birthday and Heechul wasn’t willing to celebrate it with him.
“Hey! Don’t show me those eyes. I can do them way better than you so you can’t use that trick on me.” With that said Heechul did his own version of puppy dog eyes. His eyes were big and round making it look like a real puppy’s eye.
Eeteuk pouted once more and walked away. There was no way to beat Heechul when it came to puppy dog eyes. Probably the only thing that can beat Heechul’s puppy dog eyes would be real puppy dogs. But then again maybe even puppy dogs would lose out to Heechul’s because his eyes were just too big and round. Eeteuk turned around and walked back over toward Heechul
“Then why don’t we celebrate our birthdays together?” Eeteuk asked.
“You have nothing better to do anyway.” Eeteuk interrupted before Heechul could even say anything.
“Everyone else is busy right now. I’m staying at home because I’m sick and you’re the only one at home because you’re still recovering from your surgery.” Eeteuk said before Heechul could even ask him to celebrate with someone else.
Heechul frowned as Eeteuk gave his little puppy eyes once again. Heechul rolled his eyes, “Alright.” He said.
Eeteuk was surprised that Heechul agreed to his proposal.
“But Jungsu, aren’t you sick?” Heechul asked, “If you eat cake isn’t it going to be bad for you?”
Eeteuk waved his hand in the air, “It should be okay… shouldn’t it?”
“I don’t know.” Heechul said, “You might want to wait until you’re better.”
“The other members probably want to celebrate it with you too.” Heechul said interrupting him.
Eeteuk puffed out his cheeks in frustration. But what Heechul said was right. Even if he was sick at home people would still want to celebrate his birthday with him. Online people were sending him a ton of things online. There were a bunch of banners made for him, and videos were made for him.
“Anyway everyone else will be home soon won’t they?” Heechul asked, “We’ll celebrate then.”
Eeteuk let out the puff of air and nodded, “Fine, then.”
Heechul shook his head and went back to what he was doing.
Eeteuk had no idea what he was doing and didn’t really want to snoop around to figure out what. Heechul would bite his head off if he did.
The other members finally finished their schedules and came over to their hostel to celebrate Leeteuk’s birthday. There were certain members that weren’t there because they’re too far away to come on short notice. The 5 members that were in Super Junior M couldn’t make it because they have schedules in China.
“Hyung~ happy birthday!” Every one of the members that were left said it at a different time sometimes one person over lapped another so it was almost complete chaos in the room on the 12th floor.
There were gifts present which were brought to Leeteuk’s room so he could open them himself while the other members would get ready to go to bed. Honestly speaking the party only lasted a couple minutes. There was only enough time to sing happy birthday, cut cake, eat it and then everyone had to go to sleep in order to get enough sleep so they could continue their schedules.
Everyone left happily but they were a little tired out because they just finished off the whole day. But they were glad that they had a little break because after all it was Leeteuk’s birthday today. It was the day the angel descended from heaven.
Eeteuk smiled and walked back to his room. He was looking at the gifts most of them were small probably a new set of earrings or a necklace. But there wasn’t much seeing as how the members don’t normally have time to go out to buy gifts what he had already was enough.
But there was something that caught his eyes. It was just a letter and there was nothing much to it.
Eeteuk opened it and read it to himself. He smiled realizing that this is what Heechul was working on for the whole day. Heechul doesn’t normally express his feelings outwardly but when he cares he cares a lot.
‘Jungsu, work hard. I hope that you don’t fall sick anymore. You call this the day that an angel descended from heaven? I guess that’s a little true. Without you we would be nothing no one else would be able to lead this team besides you. Keep up the hard work. Just know that I’m always here for you. Happy birthday Jungsu. ~Heenim’
Eeteuk smiled and put the letter away safely no one would be able to find it, because if someone ever found out that Heechul cared for Eeteuk like this he would not let the off. Also judging on the other members personalities they might poke fun at Heechul for being sensitive. But they all know this side of Heechul already but Heechul is just too shy to admit it.
After clearing his bed of things he walked over toward Heechul’s room and saw that Heechul was already in bed.
“Thank you…” Eeteuk whispered to Heechul who was already sleeping. Eeteuk didn’t care if he was pretending to sleep or if he really was sleeping and he couldn’t hear it. He didn’t mind either way. If Heechul couldn’t hear his thank you he already knows that Eeteuk would be thankful for the note even though it was just a note.
Eeteuk tucked himself into bed and fell asleep. He fell asleep underneath his white covers enveloped in the feeling of being loved. He couldn’t help but feel that way. He felt loved by all the members. Even if the presents were tiny they had a lot of feeling in it and he was glad to be alive and as healthy as he is now. He was also glad that his members were all healthy and nothing had happened to them. That was the best gift of all.
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