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Post Reply Game: Your Wish Is My Command
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24 / F / to somewhere land
Posted 2/21/10 , edited 2/22/10
grantedz but nowz the class got longer

i wish for morez cutez clothez!
Posted 2/23/10 , edited 2/24/10
grantedz but the clothes get stolen

i wish for photoshop TT_TT
Manager Moderator
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22 / F / On MangaRox2's Pr...
Posted 2/26/10 , edited 2/26/10
Wish Granted But You Downloaded It illegally
So The Cops Made You Delete Everything :(
I Wish For A Brand New Dell Laptop! :D
Posted 2/27/10 , edited 2/28/10
Wish granted but your new dell laptop died when you accidentally poured water on it

I wish ... for a big stuff animal :3
Posted 3/3/10 , edited 3/3/10
wish granted but it has holes in it xP

i wish i was in an anime show... :3 *random*
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F / in my room HUGGIN...
Posted 4/7/10 , edited 4/7/10
wish rounted but sadlly u die in that show -.- im sry

i wish i wished for somthing
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25 / F / TankRank, on Eart...
Posted 4/8/10 , edited 4/8/10
Errmm... Your wished granted! Something has come to you and be happy there other things too going to happen

Mine: I wish I could have silver teeth
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