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Posted 2/6/10 , edited 2/7/10
Im having problems with some of the animes on my lists:-
'Watched' List:
'Plan to Watch' List:

On my 'Watched' list, the animes on page 2 wont change and only 5 appear no matter what change's I make to this list.
On my 'Plan to Watch' list, the problems have just appeared. since I finished watching 'Steel Angel Kurumi', i decided to move it to 'Watched' and then move the other's to 'Watching Now'. I realised I had added 2 extra Steel Angel Kurumi anime titles ('Steel Angel Kurumi S1' & 'Steel Angel Kurumi S2') so I tried to get rid of them, but instead Steel Angel Kurumi S2 and Steel Angel Kurumi Zero (not S1) disapeared from the viewing page of the list, while on the other hand on the edit page of this list the titles Steel Angel Kurumi S1 and Steel Angel Kurumi Encore were gone and it only showed Steel Angel Kurumi 2 Shiki, Steel Angel Kurumi S2 and Steel Angel Kurumi Zero.
After realising that there is a problem on that list as well, I decided to contact you guys for help, because although by default all the animes go to the main list (named 'All' on my page) and to the favorites, I find sorting them into these lists more simple and easy, so the errors are really bothering me also do note that I haven't changed anything in the list since I realised this problem

so, any1 any ideas? dont wanna rush any1, but would like to edit my lists again
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