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Fan Service.
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28 / F / holland
Posted 4/13/10 , edited 4/13/10
I admit, at first when people saw me looking at clips and they asked if they were gay i would snap and tell them "they are NOT gay!"
but now i think.. so what if they were? love is love. Of course i know this is just brotherly-love and fanservice. People keep saying they are gay because they are happy around each other. pfff! Bands are mostly great friends and would do anything for another (well it has its limits lol)

Anyways..i don't mind fanservice hehe but i'm not obsessive with it. When they do fanservice i would just think..aww how cute! but thats it.

as for Heechul..............

XD still love him though <3
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Posted 6/28/10 , edited 6/28/10
It's only for fans, so It's not real...
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24 / F / Canada
Posted 9/6/10 , edited 9/6/10
Japanese Rock Fan Service...
The Hottest. Period

Korean/Japanese Pop Fan service the Cutest

It's for the Fans, so it's not real -sigh-
Posted 9/6/10 , edited 9/6/10
fan service annoys me alitte 8P its hot and all when male members make out on stage but the reason why there doing it that irritates me dont get me wrong guys, I read lots of yaoi and I do indeed enjoy it but when I see guys/girls say make out with the same gender for attention its annoying to me =S because its like a trend now or something, I dunno, I dont like fan service -_-
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19 / M / boys locker room
Posted 9/11/10 , edited 9/11/10
I'm really sure it's all acting but it's just great! Even if it's just for attention it's all good
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