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We are now offering a V.I.P membership. So here it goes. We've made 10 icons. You will recieve 1 everytime you win a competition. Once you have collected all 10 icons you will win a prize. Its pretty simple and fun. Please keep in mind that this forum is re-done whenever we make new icons, but your ammount of icons doesn't change.

How To Get A Membership!

invite buddies
invite buddies and recive an icon but you have to take a screenshot to prove you have invited your buddies and post the screenshot here. you have to of invited over 20 buddies.

if you win a contest you will recieve 1 icon. also if you get chosen for member of the month, you win 1 icon.

you can post 50 forum posts in any any period of time. remember quoted posts are not counted and over 10 spam posts will not be counted. if you post in 5 forums everyday for a week you will also receive a icon

upload 50 pictures over any period of time but they have to be of only you, the same pic but editted will not be counted.

group wall

you can post over 50 gbs on our group wall BUT you can not double post aka spam.

if you make us a fansign that isnt edited on the computer we will give you an icon. It has to be handwritten and you have to be in the picture.

New Icons

The Prize is a Cutest Gurlz On CR, V.I.P membership. The advantages of our Membership is that you get a membership card, you get special forums that only V.I.P's can post in and also special competitions. You will also receive a newsletter about group updates and more!

V.I.P Membership Card

So guys keep entering competitions with your cutest pics and see if you can collect all 10 icons :)

Good Luck!

teenytinytoe - 4 icons
kasakura-san - 4 icons
jilinairah08 - 3 icons
ice-panda -3 icons
bbtprincess - 2 icons
D_Yuhime - 1icon
angelachaos - 1 icon
xshar1 - 1 icon
vainphotography - 1 icon
FallenAngelDeath - 1 icon
iCupid - 1 icon

[ O R I G I N A L idea! If we see something like this in any other group we will know you copied us :)If you would like to use this idea PM one of the mods, please don't take without asking. That's very rude. Have some respect please. Thank you ]

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2 contests
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there you go :)

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invited buds
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