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Was just thinking recently: NEWS and Kanjani8 had a break-up with the group members regarding Kusano and Uchi some years ago. Both was related to drinking underage and they were 'kicked out' of their groups.

And groups like Arashi, KinkiKids, Tackey and Tsubasa, Tegomass, V6 etc. consists of less than 10 members.

I am trying to say that HSJ is a group of 10 members of boys born between 1990-1995. Well, right now they are a very great idol for younger kids, because their music is nice and very catching. It is just, in the near future I hope they would not do a 'break-up' like what happened to NEWS and Kanjani8 .. but who knows? I mean, right now there are 10 members in HSJ. Anything is possible with so many members. It would just be a shame if they reduced the members, then HSJ would not be the same. Right?!

Don't nag on my poor English (:
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sou dayou.
i agree on what you have said.
me too, i don't want hsj to break up or even add some to their group because HSJ wouldn't be termed to as HSJ if they were reduced or added ne? i love hsj because when they started two years ago, they have "ten" members so i'm still looking forward for their success.
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