What can you make a crossover of two (or more) anime characters and meet them.
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23 / M / Parrish, Manatee,...
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Examples:All are crossover of Bleach and Death Note.

Ichigo and Ryuk

*Ichigo talks while ryuk eating a apple*

Ichigo:Are you sure you're a shinigami?

Ryuk:No more...Apple?

Ichigo:Seriously, You're starting to creep me out.

Ryuk:What was your name again?

Ichigo:...Ichigo. Why?

*A note to L*

The note says:L, Did you know death gods also loves strawberries?

*Ryuk trying to eat Ichigo?* WTF?


Kira from bleach and L from death note

L:Hello, My name is Ryuzaki.

Kira:Hi, I am Kira.

L:..(Arrest Kira)

L: Take him away!

Kira:Wha..Whats going on?

*Then Light from Death Note showed up*

Light:Just as planned!!!


Then L meets Ulquiorra

*L and Ulquiorra looking at each other. I think.*





Light and Aizen are Saying: Just as panned. (Lol)


Ulquiorra and Misa


Ulquiorra:...WHY am I in the same panel Her?

(Then Grimmjow show up to misa)

Grimmjow:Because your name sounds like Ugly-Whore-A.

(Misa freeze himself and Ulquiorra to I think)


I copy those here
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30 / M / In a basement..
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Death Note and Code Geass.
Light vs Le douche FTW
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