Post Reply Rules & General Conduct
Posted 2/10/10 , edited 2/10/10
First and foremost, I want to go over how this group works, generally.
1. This group is a roleplay. D'oh. But due to the limited amount of roles, not all Durarara fans who are interested in joining can have fun! So, what we did was...

2. ..we created an advice column! So now, non-roleplayers will be able to ask our lovely Durarara characters (roleplayers) for advice, or simply ask them silly questions and chat with them.

Now, due to the limited amount of functions in Crunchyroll and its setup for the forums, as the administrator of this group I can't enforce as many rules as a normal roleplay forum. However, there are still the general old rules that I would like all visitors of this group to stick to:

1. Respect! Please, treat other people like however you'd like to be treated. If you are a fan wanting to ask one of our lovely characters (roleplayers) a question or advice, it's fine to ask humorous questions and have fun. But please, no flaming a character you don't like. Thanks :)

2. All of my roleplayers must be in character! This I will make sure of when y'all apply for your roles. Of course, being in character means no god-moding! Unless you're Shizuo. : D

3. No spamming or doubleposting, whether it's on the forums, the advice columns, or the chat areas! Double-posting means posting more than once, consecutively.
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