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Max slumped back on her couch, looking around at her personal studio sh bought and snickered like Bel from hitman reborn. SNAP! went her potato chip, as she felt her phone vibrate in her pocket, she reached in and grabbed it,
>>>"Yeah? Who is it?" Max asked as she licked the crumbs off around her lips, "Oh, Konachi whats up?" Max set her feet on the small table in front of her crossing them as they laid on the small table, causing some marks on it. "Like hell Konachi I'm not that stupid ot go on a- wait, who did you say was going?" Max got up dusting crumbs off her black shorts, "Ren? Ren Takahara? I dont know who that is" Max said sitting back down on the couch, she thought it might have been Ren, Jos older brother but that was not happening she guessed. "Look, Konachi . . . You'll pay me $50 bucks? How bout 60?" Max smirked evily "60 it is, im there" Max got up sliding her phone into her pocket and wlaked out her little studio, going to her car and getting in as she put hte key in the egnicine, driving to hte karaoke place. For her first blind date in years!

Once Max was there Konachi put his arm around her shoulder saying how hot Max was, and she just rolled her eyes. She had grown out her hair since that day, making his all the way past her tailbone, long, shiny, and all BLONDE. Max sat on the couch snacking on the junkies there on the table as some girls and guys went up to sing, she wasn't in the mood, to lazy. She spotted a guy staring at her through from the boys side of the couch, He had pitch black raven hair and it covered his left eye a bit, it was kind of mysterious and she liked that. SHe moved her eyes down to his hands and saw that they were bruised, she had seen enough of bruises like that to know that he was being beaten, abused.

"Let me guess, your names Raven? Or nickname?"

"Real . . ." He said softly yet it seemed gentle a bit sad.

"Heh, Thats pretty cool, My names Max"

"Yeah, I know" Max flinched, he wasn't much of a talker was he? Tch!

"Want to go outside?"

"Sure. . ." Raven got up and Max followed him out and walked with him out of the karaoke place looking aorund for something to do.

"What do you want? Like me already?" he chuckled, that was a first, was he trying to seduce Max now?

"Um, no, I don't fall for men that easily" Max rolled her eyes, "So fool of yourself I see" Max walked away, heading to the ice cream man. She got drumstick and paid, "What ya want raven?" she asked.

"Fudge" he yelled back, both hands in pockets and suddenly a smirk spread wide across his face. "So I heard,"

"Hmm? Heard what?" Max paid for Raven and handed him his ice cream, licking her own. "About Jo." He said with an evil tone in his voice. He was reaaaly creeping Max out now . . . weiiird.

"What do you mean?"

"You know what I mean" Raven bit his ice cream, keeping his eyes locked on Maxs dark ocean eyes. His green eyes were pretty seductive and she bit her rosemary colored lips.

"No, I don't, tell me" Max glared at Raven, her eyes peircing through him like knifes hoping to scare him off the subject but it didn't work.

"His death" Raven was now smirking so evily yet it looked incredibly hot but that wasn't on Maxs mind now. Her eyes widened as she almost dropped her ice vanilla cream, "Were off the subject, I'm going home" Max turned around and her thin wrist was grabbed by Ravens strong hand, "I dont think so," he said pulling Max towards him and making them drop BOTH there ice-creams.

"Let me go Bitch!" Max said twistedly "God damn it!" Max was ready to kick him in the balls when he suddenly spoke, "it wasn't an accident" and suddenly, Max had shut up, silence, no one spoke for a while.

"W-what do you mean?"

"it was all planned" raven said seriously as he kept a firm grip on Maxs wrist "Have somewhere we can talk privatly?"

"Yeah, my house" Raven had got a Taxi for them in no time, Max telling the Taxi driver where to go and they were off. All the cars bustling noises and chatter not even reaching maxs ear as the accident of Jos death replayed through her head again . . . and again . . . and again.

But when the car was suddenly pulled to a stop in a dark alley she was thrown out by Raven, her butt hitting the cold cement hard.

"O-ow! W-what are you doing?" Ravens face was covered by the darkness of the night as he got on top of Max pinning her to the ground.

"Your easy to fool" He said chuckling evil and kissed her neck leaving a hickey and she snapped resisting and trying to escape.

"Let me go damn it! AH!" Her face flushed deep red as he tore her tank top off, revealing her white frilly bra and she was stunned, not even being able to move.

"PRetty good" He siad as he kissed her breasts softly and right then Max woke up, her hands were released for only a second and in that time she had gotten on top of Raven, pinned him to the ground. She Hit him hard in the chin with her elbow causing him to yell in pain! She got off him in that short time she had to escape and ran off, running as far as she could get, before exhaling huge breasts and trying to breath.

She looked up once she caught her breath to see the ocean move in thenight, the noises of the ocean relaxing her. She closed her eyes lightly to take in the smell of the salty ocean, smiling lightly. She walked down to the beach, empty and looked around. She took off her hsoes and socks letting the sand seep between her toes as she then fell back into the sand laughing at herself. her hair getting bits and bits of sand in them and soon, she fell asleep. Right there under the night sky and the sound of the ocean waves going back and forth . . . back and forth. and yet even though it was a cold, cold night, she felt so warm, like a mans hot skin was bruhed up against hers. Feeling perfectly content with everything suddenly in her life . . . The death of Jo, her lover and ex-husband now. Konachi still hitting on her since, like, forever even though Jo kicks his ass all the time.

her star friend Reiko who she met at a beer party with some other friends, Raven trying to rape her, kill her, or whatevr it was and just everything . . . it was all throw out into sea as her mind became blank and her worries were washed out into sea for someone else to find and deal with. A new beginning her mother would call it . . . it had a nice ring to it
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