[JDrama-2010] Kaibutsu-kun
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Posted 2/10/10 , edited 3/25/10

* Title: 怪物くん
* Title (romaji): Kaibutsu-kun
* Format: Renzoku
* Genre: Fantasy comedy
* Broadcast network: NTV
* Broadcast period: 2010-Apr-17 start
* Air time: Saturday 21:00


Land of Monsters
* Ohno Satoshi as Kaibutsu-kun
* Kaga Takeshi as the king
* Yashima Norito as Dracula
* Ueshima Ryuhei (上島竜兵) as Werewolf
* Choi Hong Man (チェ・ホンマン) as Frankenstein
* Hankai Kazuaki as Jijiya

Demon World
* Matsuoka Masahiro as Demokin
* Inamori Izumi as Demorina
* Tsuda Kanji as Akkuma

Human World
* Kawashima Umika as Ichikawa Utako
* Hamada Tatsuomi (濱田龍臣) as Ichikawa Hiroshi
* Miyake Hiroki as a policeman

Kaibutsu Taro-sama (Ono Satoshi) is the prince of Kaibutsu Land, a world far away from the human world. At his father’s order, he sets out on a journey to the human realm for his training as the successor to the throne. Together with his followers, Dracula, Wolfman and Franken, they create all sorts of commotions while deepening his interactions with his only human friend, Hiroshi, and Hiroshi’s older sister, Utako.

Credits : JDrama Weblog + Dramawiki

Ohno becomes a monster for new drama series
Thu, February 11, 2010 (12:51am EST)

The manga series "Kaibutsu-kun" is getting its first live-action drama adaptation. NTV plans to broadcast a drama series based on the popular comic, with Arashi's Satoshi Ohno (29) playing the lead.

The manga, originally serialized during the second half of the 1960s, was written by Fujiko Fujio A, one half of the mangaka duo responsible for works such as "Doraemon" and "Ninja Hattori-kun." "Kaibutsu-kun" has already been turned into two animated series and a theatrical film, but never before as a live-action television work.

The manga tells the story of Kaibutsu-kun, the prince of Kaibutsu Land (Monster Land). As part of his training to succeed the throne, he visits the human world, where he has various adventures with other monsters. The drama version, starring Ohno as Kaibutsu-kun, is being set in modern times and will make heavy use of CG and special makeup.

"Kaibutsu-kun" will run in NTV's Saturday 9:00pm time slot this spring.

Credits : Tokyograph
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27 / M / land of the risin...
Posted 2/10/10 , edited 2/11/10

haha I knew it:D UMIIIIIIKAAAAA!!!!

I think this role of ohno, is pretty perfect for him cuz he's a natural airhead LOL but I wonder who will play drakyura,wolfman & kaiko chan:P
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27 / getting there..
Posted 3/25/10 , edited 3/26/10
i think this is going to be hilarious...
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Posted 3/28/10 , edited 3/28/10
whaa ohno's so cute><
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24 / F / shinee world ♥
Posted 3/28/10 , edited 3/28/10
yay ! my ohno is going to have a drama !! LOL
although the genre is not my cup of tea i'm still going to watch it
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Posted 5/24/10 , edited 5/24/10
I just watched the first episode. God It's awesome! I loved it!! And OMG Ohno looked sooo different!!

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38 / F / sabah
Posted 8/5/11 , edited 8/5/11

“Kaibutsu-kun” to get special drama episode as prequel to movie

The popular drama series “Kaibutsu-kun,” starring Arashi member Ohno Satoshi (30), will be coming back to television for another special episode this fall. The special is said to be an “episode 0″ to lead up to the story of the big-budget 3D movie version that will be released on November 26, 2011, which happens to be Ohno’s 31st birthday.

The “Kaibutsu-kun” drama series averaged around 14% ratings during its broadcast run in April-June 2010. It got a special episode just two weeks after the series ended. This new special episode, with the working title “Kaibutsu-kun Shinsaku SP!,” is expected to air before the movie’s premiere but does not yet have an official broadcast date.

Besides Ohno, returning cast members that have been confirmed include Yashima Norito (40), Ueshima Ryuhei (50), Choi Hong Man (30), Kawashima Umika (17), Matsuoka Masahiro (34), Hamada Tatsuomi (10), Inamori Izumi (39), Kaga Takeshi (50), and Becky (27).

Filming for the special is planned to take place in September.

Last month, advance tickets for the “Kaibutsu-kun” movie went on sale, and 105,762 tickets were sold in the first two days.

Sources: Sponichi Annex, Cinema Today
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