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Posted 2/11/10 , edited 2/11/10
Welcome to Saint Mary’s Institute of Gifted and Talented Education. We’re a school for students in the years 1-7. We’re located in Canandaigua New York, a little unnoticed town in upstate New York. You see, we’re a very private school for one very important reason; anyone that steps foot onto our campus isn't normal. They have strange yet incredibly unique abilities. Some can transport themselves, others can camouflage themselves, some can detect when you’re lying and others can fly. If you’ve guessed that Saint Mary’s is just a cover name then congratulations because it is. The real name of the school is New York Power Institute, ordinarily called NYPI by students.

We have sister schools all around the United States with one purpose: train the next generation of heroes. This might seem very X-Men to you, but who created the X-Men? People like us. Saint Mary’s is what any average Joe calls us; they just think that this is Catholic boarding school for spoiled rich kids. But that’s far from the truth; kids from the streets to kids from high society come here. This is a place where students with unique abilities come to harness their superpowers and become the best they can. Some fail and some succeed but be forewarned; this school is not one for slackers, once you come to a Power Institute there is no turning back, from day one you’re working to survive because trust me, not all students are here to become heroes. My name is Mrs. McAllister and I’m your headmistress.
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