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Posted 2/11/10 , edited 3/7/10
Here's a general description of all the places around the school campus.

Above Gorund:
This is where the regular, everyday classes take place. It is mostly for show, as not to attract too much attention from the outside world.

Main Building: The Mansion

This is where most classes take place. This is also where Ms. McAllister's office is. So if you are looking for her, you can probably find her here.


Sleep? Students here rarely actually sleep, but dormatories are still called for. There are two wings: St. Agatha's House (the East wing) for girls, and St. Andrew's House (the West wing) for boys. Each wing has four floors. Level One is for years 1-2, Level Two is for years 3-4, Level Three is for years 5-6, and Level Four is reserved solely for 7th years. Each room house two students. Each floor has a common room where students can gather, and there is also a central common room where all students can gather.


The Library is for everyone's use. Whether you're researching, studying, doing homework, or lookign for leisure reading, everything you need is in here.


This is where students gather for Mass once every two weeks. The faculty decided it would be best to have on in order to keep up the appearance of a Catholic school. However, the Chapel is always open.

The gymnasium is...well, where gym class takes place, of course. But for St. Mary's students, it's more like death. "Weak" is one word you'll never hear used to describe one of our students. Laziness is not tolerated. If you get caught slackign off, you'd better be prepared to run unitl you can't run any more. And besides just regular gym class, this is Where Combat Training takes place!

Dining Hall:

Every meal is served here and, unless sick, all students must attend. But don't worry, you never have to wonder about cafeteria mystery meat because all our food is prepared by a team of five start chefs.


Here at NYPI we are very serious about our training, and sometimes students are injured during fights. If you are injured, this is where you come to heal. You cannot be released until the nurse (a mod) heals you.


The Courtyard is where students go to hang out and relax when the weather's nice.

Champney Garden:

For nature lovers and students who have an affinity for nature, welcome! This is for anyone and everyone's leisure and pleasure.

Training Field

This is just a big field where you can spar and occassionally teachers may hold classes here

The Pool:

This is the Pool. You can go here to just hang out or if you really want to you can fight here... But it's a small enclosed room that has a pool in it. So it's not a good Idea.

Below Ground:
This is where the "Hero Training" classes take place. It is hidden so that outsiders do not discover the true purpose of the school.

Obstacle Course:
This isn't your avergae obstacle course. It is designed to put the students' powers to the test. It is used for both solo and ocassionaly group training.

The maze is built to test the students both physically and mentally. They must work with their team (students are grouped by year) to find thier way through this complicated maze using only their strength, wits, and powers. The maze is filled with difficult challenges and "suprises." Each team is fighting to win.

Hall of Mirrors:

This is where Dark Arts class takes place. This class basically has training sessions that allows you to fight shadow creatures that Miss Haru will summon, and also challenge other members to a dual. We also provide certain Shadow Techniques and Dark Spells that when you master properly, you will be able to use outside of this room at full power.

Combat Spells Training Room:

This is where you come to learn and practice new combat spells. The classroom has a magical barrier inside the walls. It appears to be outside in a field. The barrier is practically impenitrable and is a good place to practice magical attacks

The Laboratory:

This is where Potions class takes place.

The Hall of Elements:

The is where Elemental Studies class takes place. You can use your elemantal power as much as you want, hit walls, try and break down the room and the marble wont even scratch. The room is undestructable so you can be as powerful as you like. If you would like to gain a new power please ask me first before you do. Also there may be spars in this room to show how much power you or your opponent has.
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