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31 / M
Posted 4/15/11 , edited 4/30/11
Name: Loki
Age: 20
Personality:Funny, protective and calm
Family: Vongola
Family you work for: Varia
Ring or Pacifier: Storm ring.
Position: Storm Guardian.
History/Background: He is the world most powerfull illusionist and the most danger man in the world. He is escaped the Vindicare prison with Mukuro Rokudo and Flan. He stronger illusionist even Deamon Spade. The most skilled assassin in the Varia squad and also the world.
Weapon: He has many illusionist wapon
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25 / M / BiH
Posted 4/21/11 , edited 4/21/11
Name: Vash Zwingli
Age: 103
Personality: quiet, nice, mean, hats people, likes ppl sumtimes, luvs his sis (lili). he also loves flowers and ponies
Family you work for(For Arcobalenos): none
Ring or Pacifier: both (blue pacifier)
Position: head of CEDEF
History/Background: he was born from a peapod in a field in northern africa. when he learned about his family he found out he was Swiss. so he moved there at age 4 (he's a genies.) ppl would stare at him and be like "y do you speak arabic and italian, french, and grman?" and he's just say "iss goot" (it's good in german sry. i have a b- in german. my mom is so mad!!!11). he rly isnt nice but when he found out he had a sister (from the mafia was grying to kill her and he was like 'oh my gosh' and like lie, he had to get surgery for it later.) neway he became head of CEDEF at age 9 and now is still ever since. he got trappe din arcobaleno shit so now he like... u no. has to stay at the body of a 17 yr old. (this happened hen he was 17. but stayed ever since).
Weapon:guns, knives, explosives, swords, tonfa, butter knives (for the lulz)
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22 / F / ~LaLa Land~
Posted 2/13/12 , edited 2/14/12
Name:Maria Rose
Personality:Kind,gentle,paient,kinda shy,sometimes hot headed when she dont have candy or something sweet, kiddish, big candy lover,cute things lover
Family you work for:Vongola
Ring or Pacifier:Sun ring
Position:Assassin/Vongola Sun Guardian
History/Background:Maria grew up in france with her father Kyoya Rose and two older siblings Akira Rose(brother) and Yoriko Rose(sister) and her presiouse cat(Neko).Her family has always hated her because her mother died giving birth to her and as a result of this hatred her father sold her off to an unknown mafia group in Italy for they(the mafia) can do all these experiments on her and so on then one day some members from the Vongola came busting in and freed her.She has now spent three years in the Vongola trying to become strounger and repay the Vongola for giving her a home and setting her free even tho she hates the mafia for all that they have done for her she continually stands by the Vongola no mater what.One day two years ago she found her cat Neko and desided to take care of her again.Her temper gets wild and merciless when she no longer has sweets because doring the years as an test subject she developed a split personality so whenever she dont have something sweet she becomes cold and mean and really easy to go off.She also developed super striengh and does not really trust anyone(besides Neko and her stuff animals) because she's afraid that she'll get hurt again if she does even if the other person is in the Vongola.
Weapon:poison tip needles, fists and feat, a dagger that she uses for emergencies
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