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M O D ♦ A P P L I C A T I O N
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Posted 7/19/10 , edited 7/20/10
Username: onlyloveme
Nickname: Mist-chan
Why do you want to become a Graphics Designer: Well, why wouldn't I want to? xP Obviously cuz I wanna help out this kawaii group!
How active are you?: Depends in the summer (my idiotic mom signed me up for summer classes >x<) but pretty active, every other day//everyday
What Program do you use (photoshop,gimp,etc.): GIMP!
Invite your Buddies?: I only have 2 but yesh!
Examples (at least 3 examples in a spoiler please): Sorry I don't have many. (No banners, etc cuz deleted) All of them got deleted from the comp and I just made these ;D
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