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Kamen Rider Ryuken
Chapter 1:

A 7-year old boy walked home from school one night to see his house on fire.
Boy: No....NOOOOO!!!!!!!! "Oka-san, Oto-san!"
He sees a mysterious man in a black suit, Laughing, and the man walks away.
Boy: AAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!! It was another nightmare. "Crap, I'm late for school!"
This boy's name Asagawa, Keisuke, 17, Single, and his parents died 10 years ago. Keisuke is an A or B student.
Girl: Keisuke, your always late.
Keisuke: Sorry, Aki, I've been having those nightmares again.
Aki: (Thought) Poor guy, ever since he lost his parents, he's having the same nightmares.(Thought)
Aki: "Remember, we have a project to do."
Keisuke: "Got It."
After school, Keisuke found a box with a lightning bolt and a weird circle behind it.
Keisuke: "What the hell?"
Dear Keisuke,
If you find the box, you have found the Rider System
to GX-01 Ryuken, or Kamen Rider Ryuken. This System
is used to protect mankind. Please use this to protect
Mankind from The Parasects.
Asagawa, Lee

Keisuke: "What the heck's happening?"
He put the belt in his backpack, and took his hat and jacket for a walk.
A strange and shadowy man appeared to approaching him.
Keisuke: "What do you want?"
Man: "Your life is precious." "Give It to me!"
The man transformed into a Toad Parasect.
Keisuke: "What the h-
The monster punched Keisuke 2 ft off the ground.
His backpack flew right next to him.
Keisuke: That belt is my only chance.
Keisuke flung the belt around his waist. (What's a belt for anyway?)
Keisuke: So, you' re the bastards that killed my parents. "I won't forgive you."
BELT: READY........
Keisuke: HENSHIN!!
Keisuke inserted a chip with a fire symbol on it in the chipslot in the belt.
Keisuke was transformed into a warrior of justice, "Kamen Rider Ryuken!"

Chapter 1 Complete.
Keisuke tries to find out more on the belt. Will he dare to know the secrets of the Rider System?
Next time on Chapter 2.

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Kamen Rider Ryuken
Chapter 2:

In the last chapter, Ryuken fought a frog parasect.
Ryuken punched the frog parasect 10 ft away.
Ryuken took 2 chips from the left holder of the belt and stuck the chips in his belt.
Kamen Rider Ryuken jumped in the air and did a somersault
and kicked the parasect with his right leg. The parasect was burning becauseof the kick.
Ryuken: "Who sent you?"
Frog parasect: "You'll never know." "HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!"
Then, the parasect exploded, injuring Kamen Rider Ryuken.
Ryuken: What was that?
Ryuken reverted back into Keisuke, then Keisuke walked home.
Keisuke searched the internet for answers.
Keisuke: No way....this belt belongs to I.N.W. (Internatoinal Net Warriors).
Suddenly there was a knock on the door. Keisuke went to the door and opened it.
Boy: Yo, Keisuke, It's been a long time, got a gal yet? HAHA! Just messing with ya.
Keisuke: "Yohei, what're you doing here? Aren't you suppose to be at work?"
Yohei: Hey, chill man, I got it covered.
Keisuke: "What do you want anyway?"
Yohei: (whispering) Were you that Dragon-looking dude?
Keisuke: (whispering) SSSHHHH!!! "How do you know that?"
Yohei: I was right, you were tha-
Keisuke clamps his hand around Yohei's mouth.
Keisuke: (whispering) SSSHHHHH!!!! We'll talk, so shut your mouth.
Yohei: Got it.
Keisuke tells Yohei about the belt, then Aki comes in.
Keisuke: Oh, hey Aki, how's it going?
Aki: Fine.
They all ordered the special: Ramen with chicken and beef.
Aki: So, what're you guys talking about?
Keisuke & Yohei: (stammering) N-N-Nothing.
Aki takes out her purse and took money out, until Keisuke stopped her.
Keisuke: Hey, don't worry, I'll pay for the food.
Aki: Arigato, Keisuke.
Aki kisses Keisuke on the cheek and walks out the door.
Yohei: Oooo, looks like someone's in love.
Keisuke: (blushing) S-Shut it Yohei or I'll send you to hell
Yohei: O-Oh crap, okay, just don't give me that face.
Keisuke pays and walks out the door, just then he hears a scream.
Keisuke: Damn it, those dumb parasects.
He runs to see the woman faint in front of a Horse parasect.
Keisuke swings the belt around his waist.
Keisuke: HENSHIN!
Keisuke transfoms into Kamen Rider Ryuken.
He runs at the horse parasect and swipes a chip with a sword on it in the belt.
Ryuken grabs the sword that was made from data and attacks the horse parasect.
Ryuken slashes the parasect, but his attack doesn't work.
Horse parasect: Ha! Your attack won't work against my parasheild.
Ryuken: (thinking) How do I defeat him?
The horse parasect summons an ax into his left hand, but before the horse parasect swung the ax
at Ryuken, Ryuken swipes a chip in his belt with a shield on it.
Ryuken dodged the attack with his sheild.
Ryuken:(thought)Why'd I choose this one?
Then he swipes 3 move chips from his left holder into his belt.
Ryuken jumped in the air and spun into a hurricane with flames and attacked the parasect.
Horse parasect: Damn you........
Then the parasect exploded, but something was wrong with the belt, it malfunctioned.
Keisuke fainted in the alley.

Chapter 2 Complete.
Keisuke finds out that the belt is incomplete. And he gets his new form, VOLCANO FORM!!
Next time on Chapter 3.
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to all those who think this is real, NO. this is a FanFiction, nothing else, made this out of both boredom and inspiration. That's it.
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and I always update on what's happening...
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Kamen Rider Ryuken
Chapter 3:

Keisuke woke up in the hospital, not knowing what had happened, Aki and Yohei came in.
Aki: "Keisuke, what happened?"
Keisuke: That's just like you Aki, you worry too much, and I'm fine, don't worry.
Aki: Tell me the truth, please.
Keisuke told Aki everything about the belt, and the parasects attacking people.
Keisuke: I'm beat, I guess I'll rest.
Aki(thought): Even though others are in trouble, you risk everything to protect them, like how we first met.

It was 2 years ago at Ryu Academy when school was out, Aki walked the way she always does to get home, until that day.
Teenager #1: Hey guys, check it out, it's a little girl.
This scared Aki, she couldn't do anything.
Teenager #2: Let take her cash, dudes.
Teenager #3: Yeah.
Then Keisuke walked by, seeing a person in trouble gave him rage inside.
Keisuke: Hey, Why are you harrassing that girl, huh?
Teenager #2: Ho ho, tough guy, huh?
Keisuke: "Yeah."(stick up middle finger at the guy)
Teenager #2 was going to charge at Keisuke, but then Teenager #1 stopped #2 from charging at Keisuke.
Teenager #1(whispering): Dude, do you know who that is?
Teenager #2: No.
Teenager #1: That's Asagawa, Keisuke, the Leader of the Red Dragons.
Teenager #2: Like I care.
Then Keisuke snapped his fingers, and then 10 more men came out of the Shadows. Aki was amazed.
Keisuke: "You sure you want to do that?"
The Bullies hesitated for a moment, and then they ran off.
Keisuke: You okay, miss....?
Aki: Aki.....Fukawa, Aki.
Keisuke: Hope those Jerks didn't hurt you.
Aki: They didn't, Arigato go zimus.
Keisuke: You need a ride? All of the buses are gone.
Aki: Yeah.
Keisuke: Hang on I'll go get my bike.
So, from that day Aki has had a crush on him ever since.
Aki: How can I thank you?
Keisuke: You don't have to. Ja-ney.
Aki: Wait, what's your name?
Keisuke: Asagawa, Keisuke.
Aki walked from Keisuke's hospital bed to let him rest.
Doctor: Your Life is Precious, give it to me.
Then all of of a sudden, the Doctor transformed into bee parasect.
Keisuke: Aki.
Keisuke got out of his bed and saw the bee parasect fly off with Aki.
Keisuke: "Damn!"
Keisuke: Yohei, give me the the belt.
Yohei: Are you sure?
Keisuke: Yes, I am.
Yohei gave Keisuke the belt.
Keisuke swiped the belt around his waist.
BELT: READY.......
Keisuke: HENSHIN!
Then Keisuke swiped the activation chip into the chipslot in the belt.
Than Keisuke swiped a move card in the belt.
Ryuken grew wings on his back and flew after the parasect.
Bee parasect: One more step, and she'll be poisoned with my stinger.
Ryuken(thought): "Damn, I need to save her, I NEED TO SAVE AKI!!!!!
Just then a chip appeared with a gun on it.
Ryuken(thought): This chip might be my only chance to saving Aki.
Ryuken swiped the card in the chipslot in the belt, then Ryuken's armor changed.
Ryuken's weapon was a gun and Ryuken's chest crystal glew from green to red, the awakening of VOLCANO FORM!!!!

Chapter 3 Complete.
Keisuke uses the Volcano form chip. A new rider rises, Kamen Rider Poseidon!!!!
Next on Chapter 4.
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