Kara's teaser of "Lupin"
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Posted 2/13/10 , edited 2/14/10

I know all of my posts seem to be about KARA lately, but it’s coincidence I swear! DSP has been promoting their new darker, edgier, throat-slitter image, and now we have moving pictures to scrutinize!

KARA ‘Lupin’ Teaser
I’m getting shades of ‘Mister’ from this with all the enticing shadows, but I hope I’m wrong. Excited yet?

credits to seoulbeats~ http://seoulbeats.com/2010/02/kara-lupin-teaser/

So what do you guys think about this new style?
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Posted 2/13/10 , edited 2/14/10
Hm... I didn't really like how they were shaking their butts around ): .. it's not my style.. but the song sounds good
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Posted 2/13/10 , edited 2/14/10
i liked it...seems like a good song...
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Posted 2/13/10 , edited 2/14/10
It's different from there cute stuff so i like it, ill be looking forward to it
Posted 2/14/10 , edited 2/14/10
WOAH, i can't wait!
it looks pretty cool :)

I wish people would give Kara some credit and recognition some times.
They're really talented, it's just that their usual cute-girly style doesn't appeal to most audiences.

I hope this will get them recognized!
I wonder if this song will put SNSD's "Oh" off of number 1 too!
Posted 2/16/10 , edited 2/17/10
Kara...it's not that their usual cute girly style doesn't apply to most audience but it's that i've never seen them truly showcase their singing abilities...After Kim Sunghee left, kara really didn't have anymore Talented members...Nicole is probably the most well rounded one of the group, but Hara can't sing...Gyuri's voice annoys me like always, Seungyun is praised for her dancing even though i never really saw her dance, and Jiyoung...what does she do again. I love Kara and i love their personalities, but saying that they're underrated when DSP never correctly promoted ANY of their artists is just pathetic...DSP entertainment is really bad at promoting artists...don't just live on the fame that Fin.K.L brought you guys.
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