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I’m debating on writing a vampire series…it’s not going to be like Twlight or anything. I’m gonna base it on Japanese things. Tell me if I should continue.
Title of my story: Kyuuketsuki

Story Sample:
“Daisuke, will you please come over here?”
A girl with brown hair was cleaning her dorm room from the study session the day before. She was too lazy to clean it after it ended. Daisuke sighed and got off the bed. He dragged his feet towards her.
“What do you want?” Daisuke asked.
“Will you help me clean? You made most of the mess!” The girl cried.
She was right, the entire study time; Daisuke was eating junk food and throwing the wrappers on the floor. Daisuke turned on his I-Pod and started cleaning. The girl smiled and grabbed another trash bag but jumped back when one of her friends sneaked into the room.
“Norimie, you’re making Daisuke clean? That’s a surprise.”
“Shut up Yamato.”
Yamato smirked and leaned onto the wall crossing his arms watching them.
“So, Yamato what are you doing here? You’re supposed to back at the main house. The head master…”
Yamato cut Norimie off.
“I was bored and the head master let me come out.”
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~personal thread
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^ what she said.

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